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Wind River Country Summer Vacation Deals – Mix and match our adventures for your dream vacation

Lander, WY – Ever wanted to hear tribal tales told by real storytellers or feel the beat of the Native American drum circle? Look no further. There is so much to savor like Indian powwows, authentic cultural dance exhibitions, and historic tours being served up all summer long across Wind River Country. Visit a land steeped in the ancient cultural traditions of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Indian tribes, who called this fertile valley “Valley of the Warm Winds.” Today we call it Wind River Country—Fremont County. 

Explore our natural wonders that appear in every direction while you are here. Learn fishing secrets from a pro angler on a guided fishing trip, choose a relaxing horse packing excursion with a side of yoga, fly high above it all, or just kick-back and let the scenery come to you in several guided backcountry driving tours. Why not take advantage of more than one of our package deals while you are here? Make your play money go even further for a summer full of endless stories that can only come alive in Wyoming’s Wind River Country.

To help tempt you, here are some “appetizers.” For complete package deal listings and logistics, visit windriver.org/trip-planning/packages/ or call 800-645-6233 for your free vacation packet.

A Llama for Mama

Lander Llama Company and The Bunk House: Hike into the beautiful Wyoming backcountry without a backpack. Let a gentle pack llama carry your load. Your Mama will be happy, because she goes for free!

Aerial Tour of Lander Valley/Wind River Mountains  

See the beauty of Lander Valley and/or the Wind River Mountains from the air. Flights can be planned to view historical sites, places of interest or to enjoy the gorgeous Lander area from the air like the eagle does.

Bike and Brew Package

The Fremont Area Road Tour is teaming up with the Lander’s Brewfest to offer some great deals!  Cycle the Winds with awesome scenery on routes varying from 15-100 miles. Select a package that includes one or two-day Brewfest tickets to quench that thirst afterwards.

Summer Special Deal

Better late than never to enjoy four private mountain cabins on 90+ acres with a panoramic mountain view and a secluded trout river flowing through the property. Explore this high altitude ATV paradise on a 4-wheeler or foot.  We also provide pasture and corals for your horses, if needed.

Girls Getaway!

You’re so busy refueling everyone else’s tank, take a few days to refresh and energize YOU!  Learn the secrets to fly fishing with your BFFs with a top-rated Orvis-endorsed professional guide. Be pampered on the river while you all do some incredible fishing.

 Hike and Ride The Absaroka Mountains

This great combination pack trip will traverse the Absaroka Mountain Range in Dubois. We will hike for two of the days and then ride for three days, around 8-11 miles each day. Trust us, this is an amazing way to see the area from two different perspectives.

Take the Memorable Native Trail

Hear how we honor the traditions and values of our past our Warm Valley Native Tours. Together we’ll explore the Native American history of the Wind River Indian Reservation and the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes’ points of view.  History will come alive with your "step-on" tour guide, Mr. John Enos himself, a direct descendant from the great Chief Washakie!

 Hook, Line and Sinker

Book a two-day fishing trip for two people ($900), and get an additional half day ($350 savings) for free!  Learn the secrets to landing the big one from an Orvis-endorsed pro angler. All ages and families are welcome to come spend the summer of a lifetime in the great outdoors in Dubois. Pet friendly, too!

River Pilot Tours

For those seeking wilderness excitement, a summer in the Rocky Mountains is the fabric of future riding stories. Ride with us around the Yellowstone region on the Continental Divide Route, Chief Joseph Highway, Bighorn National Forest and others. Sample highway, double track and county roads in these remote areas that only seasoned riders and locals know.

 Rockhounders, Hikers, Fisherman's Dream

Stay with us at the Bear for a week, and get your seventh night free. Plus, we will give you lots of insider ideas of where to go rock-hounding, hiking or fishing on your own adventure.  We’ll take you out for a guided tour of your choice one day while you are staying here.

 Spring Awakening

A gardener’s paradise awaits you at the River Rock Garden Cottage. If you are itching to dig your hands into our fresh Wyoming soil, you are welcome to potter in any of our traditional flower or veggie gardens. Spade, weed, plant, and dig to your heart’s content.  Or simply enjoy the springtime burst of colorful flowers and plants as you stroll through our meandering pathways.

Trunk and Bunk

Wilderness Pack Trips: Drive to and hike a half day on the historical Oregon/Mormon Trail with a guide.  Hike where your ancestors did. Retire for the evening at the cozy lodge pole decor cabin Bunk House at Lander Llama Company. You'll feel like you went back in time. Lunch is included.

Wind River Mountains Tour

Take an 8-10 hour driving and/or hiking tour below the towering granite peaks of the western slope of the Wind River Mountains thru aspen and pine forests and panoramic views of this rugged wild 4-wheel drive country. Pets are welcome. We can accommodate up to 4 passengers in our 4-WD truck.

 Ghost Town Tour

Take an all-day driving and hiking tour of three ghost towns on South Pass. See old gold mining sites and enjoy the abundance of wild flowers along the way. Learn the history of Wyoming’s gold rush and take an optional tour of the Carissa gold mill. We can accommodate up to four folks in our 4-WD truck.

Oregon Trail Tour

Take an 8-10 hour driving and/or hiking tour and see for miles following a high desert rim above the Oregon Trail. See four different mountain ranges and wide valleys. This is a great area to see wild horses, antelope, deer and maybe an eagle.  We can accommodate up to four folks in our 4-WD truck.

 Red Desert Tour

Take an 8-10 hour driving and/or hiking tour in the Red Desert. Travel on high desert ridges with endless views. See the vast Killpecker Sand Dunes and plan on encountering antelope, wild horses and elk. We can accommodate up to four passengers in our 4-WD truck.

 Upper Wind Rivers Petroglyphs Tour

Take an 8-10 hour driving or hiking tour in the spectacular Upper Wind River country. See panoramic views of two mountain ranges, visit wildlife refuges, a fish hatchery, see ancient Indian petroglyphs, and the Bighorn Sheep Center in Dubois.

Yoga, Meditation and Horses Retreat

Join us for a special trip into the beautiful Shoshone National Forest in Dubois. Make camp at our comfortable basecamp. We will gather as a small group of women to explore the serenity of the land, the quiet wisdom of horses, and daily movement and meditation practices tailored to create ease in body and mind. All levels of experience in yoga/meditation and horse riding are welcome.

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For a complete calendar of events go to www.windriver.org/calendar. Pioneer your own adventure in Wind River Country!


About Wind River Country/Fremont County

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is the authentic, untamed West. It holds the answers to your adventurous spirit. Come discover new things like the best route to Yellowstone, see an Indian powwow, ride a horse or holler at a rodeo, pan for real gold, and hike in country that will take your breath away. Find the pace to think, the room to breathe, and the uncontrived adventure to rejuvenate your soul in Wind River Country.



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