With design, you get what you ask for

  • Written by Berny Bacic

Creating a logo for your business is a bit like working with a dressmaker for a wedding dress: your success is based entirely on clear communication, great references and having the confidence to be brutally honest. But if you’ve never briefed in a designer, the process can be downright intimidating. 

“Understanding the basics of what a design brief consists of is essential to creating a visual brand and will result in a better managed creative process between you and your designer,” says Berny Bacic, creative director and founder of The Creative Sista, a new creative source specialising in coaching, branding and marketing for female entrepreneurs.

An impactful logo is essential to creating a lasting connection with your customers, hence why it’s so important to get it right. And getting it ‘right’ hinges on your ability to brief your designer well.
“Your design brief should include the essential information about you, your business, your personality, your customers, the desired design style, amongst project timings and the budget,” says Berny. “Miscommunication on the makeup and foundations of your brand can lead to interpretation and a logo that absolutely doesn’t connect with your business!”

Here Berny shares five steps to brief your designer like a boss.

Share your mission
Before you get into colours and typography, start by sharing your business’s vision and brand values with your designer. “Your vision is at the heart of your brand, so start with defining your why. Understand what drives your business, what you want to stand for and what the mission you are on,” says Berny. “Your brand values are the glue that unite every component of your brand identity. They keep your heart beating and make your audience feel.”

Know your customer
Understanding exactly who your customer is, their hopes, dreams and motivations, is crucial for your designer. Research your target audience and share your findings to help your designer make informed decisions. “Gaining deep understanding and empathy with your target customer is critical,” says Bernie. “Jump online or social and start reviewing information and profiles of target customers. Identify a brand your future customer audience aspires to. Review some of the social profiles to build a picture of your audience.”

Understand your position in the competitive space
Review your competitors and what they stand for. “Understanding your landscape and who you’re up against in the market plays an important part in determining the creative direction of your business,” says Berny. “It will give your designer the benchmark for creating standout visual brand assets such as logomarks, font styles, colours, graphic elements, imagery and overall design style.”

Define your brand’s personality
Now your designer is familiar with your mission and your customers, it’s time to think about your image. What kind of personality do you want your business to project? “If your brand were a person, what would he or she be like? Where would they shop? Who would they hang out with?” says Berny. Think about how language and tone can shape your brand personality. “Your tone of voice needs to encompass everything about your brand from your attitudes to your beliefs - the vocabulary you use should differentiate your brand from your competitors,” Berny explains. Try exploring adjectives: Are you formal or chatty? Stylish or classic? Serious or humourous? Professional or friendly?

Show and tell
Once you’ve nailed your tone, it’s time for the fun part: gathering references! Research and create mood boards that show what you love, and what you definitely don’t. “This gives your designer a playground to play in,” says Berny. “Look for different styles, images, colours, fonts and vibes.
Gather various brands that connect with you, and make notes on why you like them.” This is not the time to hold back; the more visual assets you share will give your designer a solid foundation and bring your vision to life.

For more tips and advice on starting your own business, branding and digital marketing, go to www.thecreativesista.com

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