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Is back to the future what is best for Labour after Ed Miliband?

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imageBlairites are waiting in the wings.Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

If victors get to define the reasons for their victory, then losers just get told why they’ve lost. Within hours – minutes even – of the announcement of the shock BBC exit poll at 10pm on May 7, Ed Miliband was being informed in no uncertain terms why he had done so badly...

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Maurice Newman: mad, bad or sad?

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imageAAP/Julian Smith

Having a platform, albeit a modest one, from which to try and catch the world’s attention is a great privilege. The number of competing voices in the blogosphere means that the size of the audience is often far smaller than one might like. In this regard, newspapers are still in the ascendant and writing for them has a good...

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Government predicts substantial participation boost from big child care spend

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imageSocial Services Minister Scott Morrison announced a $3.5 billion child care package.AAP/Paul Miller

The government estimates its proposed A$3.5 billion child care package will encourage more than 240,000 families to increase their involvement in paid employment, including almost 38,000 jobless families.

The changes, starting in July 2017, would see...

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