5 Fantastic Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

  • Written by News Company

You can easily prolong the life of your car by almost three to five years, just by giving it some TLC. Several factors, such as how well you drive and the maintenance schedule that you follow, will influence how well your car operates and how long it will survive without needing major repairs or replacements.

Top Car Maintenance Tips to Follow

You don’t have to be an auto expert to keep your car in good shape. There are some easy tips that you can follow to ensure that your car stays in perfect working condition.

  1. Read the Manual

Your car’s manual is its bible. It provides you with all the pertinent information, such as when to schedule Engine oil and filter changes, what’s the recommended maintenance schedule, the optimal tyre pressure & all the other details that every car owner should know about their car. It’s a sad fact that most of us don’t even bother to take the manual out of the glove compartment. If you’ve never read your car’s manual, make it a point to do so. You’ll be surprised at what you learn.

  1. Check Your Tyres Regularly

When it comes to car maintenance, tyres seem to be at the very bottom of the list of priorities. What many car owners fail to understand is that, your car’s tyres can have a significant impact on not just the quality of your driving, but also on the fuel efficiency of your car. So, how can you ensure your tyres are in good condition? By checking tread wear, regularly rotating tyres for even wear and maintaining air pressure.

  1. Always Park Your Car in The Shade

As much as you can, avoid parking your car outdoors. And when you have to, make sure you park in a shaded area, like under a tree. Prolonged exposure to harsh UV sunlight can cause harm, from fading the exterior paint colour, to causing the dashboard to crack, to ruining your leather seats. If parking under the sun is unavoidable, use a sunshield to minimise damage.

  1. Accelerate Slowly

Did you know that the most wear to the engine occurs in the first twenty minutes of driving? So, accelerate slowly when you start your car to avoid putting too much strain on your engine. Improper or aggressive acceleration can add years of wear to your engine, shortening its life span.

  1. Don’t overload your keychain

Are you one of those people who has all their keys together in a bunch? If your car key is in a keychain with all your other keys, we’ve got some bad news for you: the heavy weight of the keychain can eventually lead to ignition switch failure. To avoid this scenario, drive with only the ignition key in the ignition.

No matter how well you maintain your car, there will come a point when it reaches the end of its life. When a car starts acting up, requiring constant repairs & replacements, it’s a sign that it’s time to replace it. Don’t waste thousands of dollars trying to fix it. The smart thing to do would be to sell your vehicle for cash and put the money from the sale towards buying a new car.

This article is published by Premier Car Removal Perth.

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