Movepal: Aussie tech startup launches Uber like App for moving

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We may not realise it, but moving has become a national pastime.   According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics Census results, nearly half the Australian population has moved house in the past five years, with one in six people moving in the last 12 months.  


Australians are a very mobile bunch and millennials and gen zedders are largely to blame.   One in three young Australians aged 20 to 29 change address every 12 months and two out of every three move every five years.


So with all this moving happening across the country, it is no wonder that a clever group of people has created an App called ‘Movepal’ to provide ‘on demand’ moving services.  


While there are currently over 8,000 movers across Australia, few cater to the ‘on demand’ needs of tech savvy consumers.   Not only are customers looking for a reliable and trustworthy service, they are also wanting ‘on demand’ moving services without the hefty price tag.   Sadly, small cash-in hand companies lead to underpaid and overworked movers without insurance and other industry requirements.


According to Peter Borain, founder and CEO of Movepal, “the moving industry is ripe for disruption.”


Established companies usually have satisfactory reputations, but they can also be costly, have a limited capacity or minimum capacity restrictions, and require advance bookings.   Some small operators which are often cheaper can also be problematic for people as they may have uncertain reputations, do not have insurance, lack customer support, and also have a small number of trucks.


Peter believes that “Movepal will change all of this.”


Movepal is an App developed to connect potential movers instantly with reliable, professional, and fully insured movers. 


According to Peter, Movepal is a “one-stop-shop for a wide range of moving services, especially small moves; from an apartment or small office move to store purchases and last minute Gumtree buys.”


Peter knows that, “unique tools for the customer and movers are proven to disrupt the status quo in other similar industries.”


Movepal is the first of its kind in the removalist market.


“Uber and Deliveroo have normalised on-demand Apps,” Peter Borain added.


Movepal is an Uber like App that offers people a new way of getting things from here to there.  It offers a solution for both customers wanting to move things or relocate, and also movers looking to manage small moves and procure jobs.


The App allows users to get instant move estimates, saving them the time and effort wasted with online research.  Users are able to book a move with a few clicks, whether it be for the same day or for a later date.   The user also has control over their move by selecting their move team, tracking the move, receiving progress updates, and even directly communicating with their movers.


Movepal also enables all payments to be made online through the App ensuring financial transactions are tracked and recorded, eliminating the use of cash. 


According to Peter, Movepal is the “best tool for customer transparency and control in the market.


“It is the most streamlined and user friendly booking experience in the market. 


“Movepal is for the movers and the customers.”


Movepal also benefits movers and their businesses.


Peter Borain notes that “drivers want to make more money, work flexible hours and be their own boss – but don’t know to do this on their own.


“Movepal opens movers up to a wider customer base.


“The middle person is removed - movers will not have to rely on others to give them work or spend time and money marketing themselves.”


Every Movepal driver is rigorously vetted, tested and fully insured providing peace of mind to both the customers and the movers.   The hourly rates applied within the App ensure key requirements are met including minimum casual award rates for drivers and margins for regulatory and compliance costs. 


Movepal aims to solve moving problems by offering customers a moving service that is reliable, guarantees peer-reviewed quality, and instantly available.  The App enables movers to efficiently procure jobs that are more reliable and rewarding.  


Movepal wants to make moving easy, efficient, and stress-free by disrupting the industry and moving with the times.   Movepal is currently onboarding drivers and will commence initially in Melbourne in January, with further states coming online in 2019.



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