Invoice2go partners with Paypal to launch tap and go payments for mobile businesses

  • Written by Romina Favero

Invoice2go, the world’s number one invoicing app, is today launching a tap and go payments feature with PayPal Here, enabling Australia’s smallest businesses to be paid in person, wherever they are. The new product is unveiled as Invoice2go announces it's customers are now sending $2bn worth of invoices through the app – a significant milestone for the company

Now in its 15th year, Invoice2go is one of the first and leading players in the Australian fintech scene, and is still committed to its original vision of making the lives of small business owners easier by simplifying their billing process, improving their cashflow and fueling their growth.

Invoice2go’s mobile point of sale (mPOS), supported by PayPal Here, now means that businesses, regardless of size, can accept swipe, insert, or tap and go card payments, wherever they are, to get paid instantly.

Invoice2go already offers online payments for its users, and now adding the ability to accept payments on the spot means small businesses can offer their customers even more ways to pay, meaning they can appeal to a wider customer base and increase customer retention.

Michael Ramsey, Head of Product, Invoice2go said that the company was tapping into the astronomical rise of tap and go payments. “Tap and go is a ubiquitous way to pay now and we want to empower our customers, the majority of whom are one-man-bands, to also be able to leverage this trend. Now plumbers, florists, dog-walkers and accountants alike can have the same opportunities, and look just as professional, as the biggest retailers.”

“This new product has been specifically designed to work with how the most mobile of Australia’s small businesses work.  Now, those who go from job to job, issuing invoices along the way also have the option to be paid instantly, on the spot from wherever they are.”

Invoice2go reaches new milestone

The launch of the new payments feature, comes as the leading Sydney based fintech reaches a significant milestone in its 15 year history.  Invoice2go's customers are now sending $2bn worth of invoices through the app, $400m of which is sent here in Australia. This figure has doubled in just two years since the company announced it has reached $1bn in invoices sent in 2015.

Wide range of features added to Invoice2go arsenal

Over the last year, Invoice2go has been focussed on product innovation and the development of additional new features aimed at fuelling small business growth.

This includes a brand new messaging feature, launching soon, which allows users to send invoices directly to customers within a wide range of messaging apps, from Whatsapp to iMessage, Android Messages and Facebook Messenger – giving small business owners an easier and immediate way to connect with their customers.

Other key features recently launched include improved business insights and reporting capabilities as well as a brand new client portal in which users can take quick actions like calling, messaging and looking up directions, seamlessly from one spot.

Michael added: ”We are proud to empower more than 250,000 small businesses across the globe to operate efficiently, using technology that has been designed specifically for them. Small businesses are at the heart of everything we do and we are laser focussed on making their lives easier, and helping them grow.” .

Invoice2go’s PayPal Here device is available now. Simply order it here for $49.  Once you have it, simply connect it to your Invoice2go account, and you’re ready to start accepting on the spot card payments.

Download Invoice2go via the Apple App Store store or via Google Play.

About Invoice2go

Invoice2go is a mobile app that helps small businesses manage cash flow through easy-to-use invoicing, expense tracking and simple reporting tools. It was founded in 2002 by an Australian small business owner who was frustrated by the lack of simple invoicing solutions. Today, Invoice2go is the App Store's #1 mobile invoicing app and is trusted by 250,000+ customers worldwide to send over $2 billion in invoicing every month, $400m of which is billed in Australia. It is currently available in 11 languages.

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