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the bacteria that live in and on us

  • Written by Mark Blaskovich, Senior Research Officer, The University of Queensland
the bacteria that live in and on usHand washing is an effective way to help prevent the spread of bacteria.rawpixel/unsplash

Bacteria are everywhere, including in and on our bodies. There are estimated to be as many bacteria in a human body as there are human cells.

Much like Pig Pen in the comic strip Peanuts, we actually carry around a cloud of bacteria in the air surrounding us.


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With the right help, bears can recover from the torture of bile farming

  • Written by Edward Narayan, Senior Lecturer in Animal Science; Stress and Animal Welfare Biologist, Western Sydney University

Bear bile farms, which exist in some Asian countries like Vietnam and China, are a terrible reality for Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus).

The bears spend their lives confined in tiny steel or concrete cages. They are “milked” through permanent holes in their side that allow bile to be extracted from the gall bladder.

My research,...

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family as 'brand' – the rise of the digital mumpreneur

  • Written by Camilla Nelson, Associate Professor in Media, University of Notre Dame Australia

“Taylen has become a brand,” says Angelica Calad, the mumpreneur behind the #influencer account #taylensmom. Taylen Biggs, age five, has more than 150,000 followers. In an era of advertising ennui, #influencers like Taylen’s mother can collect more than 3,000 likes on a single post, with some garnering sponsorships worth...

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The Morrison government's biggest economic problem? Climate change denial

  • Written by Judith Brett, Emeritus Professor of Politics, La Trobe University
The Morrison government's biggest economic problem? Climate change denialThe government's stubborn commitment to coal is alienating it from its natural supporters in the business community.Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND

Last week Peter Costello accused Malcolm Turnbull of failing to develop an economic narrative to unite the Coalition. Turnbull promised this when he challenged Tony Abbott for the leadership of...

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