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Anzacs behaving badly: Scott McIntyre and contested history

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image'Let me try and put sacked SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre’s tweets in historical perspective.'EPA/Sedat Suna

Sacked for tweeting remarks about Anzacs that are considered “inappropriate” and “disrespectful”? Let me try and put SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre’s tweets in historical perspective. Over the...

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WWF fires a warning shot over Australia's land-clearing record

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imageEastern Australia's forests could be a hotspot for deforestation in the future - just like these forests in south east Asia. William Laurance

When we think about global deforestation, certain hotspots spring to mind. The Amazon. The Congo. Borneo and Sumatra. And… eastern Australia?

Yes, eastern Australia is one of 11 regions highlighted in a...

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