Why You Should Go Travelling At least Once in Your Life

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Travelling the world is the dream of many people from a young age, which sometimes comes before working towards a great career or settling down with the one they love. However, for some, it is a thought which never crosses their minds. There is a misconception that travelling means going on trips that last months which take you across continents, but taking a short weekend break can be equally as beneficial. If you are struggling to see how travelling is an immeasurably positive life experience, then it’s a great idea to take note of how it can benefit you in the years to come.


See great scenery


You may have seen countless pictures of white, sandy beaches and rugged mountains all over your social media, or sent through your post box on a postcard from someone you know. In any case, you will know that seeing the unrivalled scenery of an undiscovered world is often what pulls people to the travelling life. Seeing such sights from your computer screen is never the same as in person, and it can help bring a sense of awe and calm to your life if you take a few days to absorb some breath-taking views.


Experience new cultures


You might be too familiar with your home culture, which you see and experience every day of your life. For some people, this makes them feel trapped, which is why they decide to take a short break to experience another side of life in a different country. New cultures bring with them amazing foods, new activities, and the chance to learn about rich histories which may have shaped your own.


Learn a new language


The biggest part of learning about a new culture is by learning the local language. Although you won’t be able to learn an entirely new language every time you go away, it is always useful for you to learn the basics. Speaking to locals in their language will help bridge any language barriers when it comes to exploring your new destination. This can also act as an exciting new hobby, and if you are learning a language such as Spanish, you know you can use this when you visit many other different countries across the world.


Give something back to the world


Lots of people go travelling to meet new people and add new life skills to their repertoire, but others go abroad as a way of giving back to struggling countries that need help. Volunteering can include participating in sustainable building projects, using medical skills in poverty-stricken areas, teaching overseas, as well as doing charity work in places ravaged by natural disasters. The people who go travelling for this reason find it the most rewarding, and it sometimes opens their eyes to see the troubles that are going on in the world, but more importantly, how they can do their bit to help.


Gain independence


Solo travellers make up a huge bulk of those that set out on their travels every day. Whether you are hoping to go travelling by yourself or with a small group of people, the whole experience can truly test your independence, as you can’t rely on anybody else to help you when you are away. This includes learning to navigate your way around any emergencies that may crop up, stepping out of your comfort zone to meet new people, and learning that you can solve any problem if you put your mind to it.


Meet new people


What comes as the highlight for many people when they go traveling is the other people they meet along the way. These are usually people you meet in your hostel if you are sharing a dorm, or at the poolside if you are staying in a nice hotel for your holiday. No matter what, these people will lead you on journeys and delight you with their own stories that you can take away and cherish long after you’ve left.


Learn more about yourself


Seeing so many sights and meeting a lot of new people isn’t only great fun, but it allows you to learn more about who you are. It is the number one thing people say about traveling upon their return, and can sometimes sound cliché, but there is a good reason why they say it. Challenges, finding your new favorite activity, and immersing yourself in places you never thought you could fit into are all parts of this learning curve, which will stay with you for life.


Challenge yourself


You may feel as though your daily life at home isn’t pushing you to achieve all you hoped for. Going to a new destination can be an outlet for you to push yourself, such as if you went on a trip to skydive, or climb to the tops of some of the highest mountains. You will find that the more you challenge yourself on these trips, the more you can reach higher in your home life.


Reduce anxiety


Recently, there has been a lot of research to suggest that traveling does wonders for people’s mental health. Although at times travel disasters can cause extra stress, the way you adapt to dealing with such situations can have a big impact on how you work around anxiety and worry in your everyday life. Not only this, but the release of endorphins and serotonin in your brain can contribute to happiness, which helps many people with depression.


Have great stories to tell


Ultimately, travelling leaves you with some of the best stories to tell your loved ones on your return. In fact, many people have encountered stories so great that they have gone on to write blogs and books about them. It is these stories that will stay with you for life, and which will help you entertain your friends at every social gathering. From the people you meet to the sights you see, you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

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