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A shipping container is such a blessing in disguise! It comes in handy for both temporary as well as long term storage, or say mobile offices, or even as temporary building options. They are extensively used across sectors such as mining, agricultural, corporate and construction. You can either buy, hire or rent any shipping container of your choice, and your life gets sorted. Especially if you have to ships goods or cargo to some far away land across the seven seas in a safe and secure manner.

So, it’s safe to say that, as a purchaser, you won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on Shipping Containers. Port shipping containers is an example of a well-reputed and efficient company that manufactures and delivers such high quality and affordable containers. There are a number of companies as such, as well as a variety of products of different sizes, grades or modifications, which might make you feel a bit confused on which one to choose. So here we are providing you a complete guide. At the end of it, you shall be able to choose correctly even in your sleep.

  •   *  6 Steps to Purchasing the Perfect Shipping Container:

Buying a shipping container is not an impossible task; but nobody said it was going to be easy, until we decided to make it so. This complete guide with step-by-step instructions is going to make your job a whole lot easier. As there are numerous companies that provide shipping containers across Brisbane, you have to pick the right one for your needs. So let’s get started.

o   Decide on the Purpose: This product has a varied range of purposes -- whether it’s for shipping goods, or as a stand-alone storage, or using it for a large construction project, or as a housing solution, or a portable office etc. Determining the purpose would help you determine the kind of container. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that you decide on the need and the budget firstly, as that will determine the size and grade of the container.

o   Decide on How Long you need it for: Depending on whether you need it for long-term storage or as a short-term solution, you can decide whether to buy it or rent it. Also, in case of long term crucial use, you might need one with lots of specializations and modifications; while for a more general short-term use, you can just pick one off the shelf.

o   Decide on the Size and Grade: Now that you have decided the purpose of it, you can then decide whether you want the standard 10-foot size airtight one, or the 20-foot best fit for local trade one, or the massive one of the lot (the hugely spacious 40-foot one). You can also choose between grade ‘A’ containers that are in good condition, grade ‘B’ ones which are of average quality, or grade ‘C’ ones (which are budget containers used for general storage).

o   Decide on the Place of Installation: The next crucial step involves working out where exactly the container will be put. You might need to go through some paperwork, or get yourself a permit, as some local governments do have certain rules and restrictions regarding portable storage. Also, level out the location by laying some blocks on the ground so that all corners as well as the middle are uniform.

o   Research about Shipping Container Companies: Now is the time to look around, contact different companies and ask them for quotes (so that you can get yourself the best deal). In order to avoid extra costs such as shipping, taxation customs, its better you purchase from a local seller.

o   Arrange an Inspection: Now that you are nearly ready for the big purchase, it’s time to take part in the last and final inspection round. Purchasing from local suppliers is thus convenient as you can see, touch and inspect the container yourself. Avoid dented products and check thoroughly if the doors lock properly and the door seals are in appropriate condition.

Having completed all of the above said six steps, you are now all ready to finalise the price and delivery date of the container. And trust us; this product will be total value for your money. So, what are you waiting for? Get going and do the honours.

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