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A car is a very big investment but sadly, unlike property, cars tend to lose their value over time rather than grow. Which means that any money spent on a new vehicle is going to depreciate over time and leave you with a lot less value come sale time. But despite this, there are ways to ensure that when it does come to selling your car that it has retained as much value as possible so that you can get the best possible return on your investment and the maximum value on your trade-in when you want to get a newer and better model in a few years time. But what are these tricks and what can be done to maintain the value? Here are a few basic tips and ideas.


Interiors matter

Look after the interior of the car. The seats and the upholstery are so important in showing the age of the car and if you can ensure that they stay in good condition then you are already on your way to keeping the value of the car. There are two very simple ways to ensure that the interior of your car stays untarnished. The first is to avoid smoking in the car. Cigarette smoke leaves lasting odours effects on the interior, smoking also means the opportunity for burns from hot ash. The second solution is to avoid too much exposure to direct sunlight. consider install window tinting when you buy the car to ensure that the interior is not damaged by the effects of the sun’s powerful rays. It is a small investment that will pay big dividends as the car gets older.



Rust is a disaster for a car and any signs of rust will immediately be seized upon by anyone looking to buy your car and it will lower the price massively. Rust is especially bad if you live near the coast, so if this is where you are based you need to do your very best to ensure that your car spends its nights garaged indoors, or at the very best away from exposure to the elements. It might sound drastic, and it may not be possible, but it will make a difference and it is something that you should think about.



Make sure that your wheels are balanced and aligned. This is not a major procedure, but it is one that has big benefits on tyre wear-and tear and on handling in general. It is an inexpensive procedure and one that if done regularly will help the car age well with fewer signs of abuse and damage.


Chips and scrapes

Many insurance companies now offer policies to guard against little chips and dents. Not your major accidents and collisions, which are obviously covered, but the nuisance value things like chips from loose gravel or minor dings in doors from clumsy people parked next to you at the shops. It is these little scrapes and bumps that add up quickly and which detract massively from the overall value of your car at sale time. Stay on top of them and have them touched up when they happen – if you have insurance cover to help get these fixed even better. If not, some touch-up paint and a bit of DIY is also an option.




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