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Holding on to a car that’s well past it’s retirement is not just a bad financial decision, it is also an impractical one. The main reason for owning a car is convenience. It is a convenient mode of transportation that you use for your daily commute and to take you wherever you want to go. But if your car is no longer trustworthy, then it’s time to re-evaluate your decision to hold on to it.

Here are the top 4 signs that let you know that it’s time to say goodbye to your old car, no matter how much sentimental value it holds.

Your Car Is A Show Stopper – But Not for The Right Reasons

Do people stop in their tracks & motorists gape at your car, when you drive down the road? Unless you’re driving a luxury car, the only other reason people will react that way to your car is because they can’t believe that someone’s actually driving that twisted piece of metal that looks like it’s being held together by sheer will. When your car is a show stopper, and not for the right reasons, it’s safe to say that you need to dispose of it.

It No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

That little hatchback was perfect when you were single. But now, you have a family and your little car is just not enough. Or, your old car, with the dented bumper & a window that’s stuck, is not a good reflection of your successful career. Sometimes, we outgrow our cars but stick with them just because we’re hesitant to make a change or our emotionally attached to the car. But, when a car no longer meets your needs or suits your lifestyle, you should seriously consider getting rid of it.

The Repairs to Be Done Will Cost More Than the Value of The Car Itself

This is a no-brainer. When the repairs for the car work out to be more than the actual value of the car, then you need to say farewell to the car. You can’t keep using the car without making the necessary repairs, but fixing the car makes no sense, financially or otherwise. So, you might as well find a reputable car buyer, sell the car & put the money from the sale towards buying a new car. If your car is in dire need of repairs, or if it is in scrap condition, your best course of action is to sell scrap car to a cash for car company. This way, you can sell the car in its present condition, without making any repairs to get it ready to be sold.

Finding Parts for It Has Become Difficult

Your car is in good working condition & you reckon you can get a good three or four more years out of it. But finding parts for it is becoming increasingly difficult, thanks to the fact that that particular car model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. In such a scenario, the smart thing to do is to dispose of the car. When it becomes difficult to find replacement parts for a car, it’s a warning of more expenses to come in the future. Even small fixes can end up being quite expensive, as sourcing for parts will take more time, effort & money.

The above-mentioned signs are a clear indication that it’s time to get rid of the car. So, watch out for them to know when it’s time to dispose your old car.

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