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When you're living in a place where life has been gifted and it's still evolving, pests are just a few add-ons. Who has been smuggled through the nature of our world, as a famous dialogue quotes "Life finds a way". These pests whom you're well familiar with are the result of your life, these pests cannot survive without your help as they rely on you. However, these pests insects and rodents are a challenge to our life, and to counter these challenges, the season is one of the factors. Which plays a major role in the infestation of these pests. While mice choose to populate in fall, termites like chooses spring to eat your house. Similarly, all the other pests choose different seasons to be active.

Moreover, some of the pests like cockroaches and bed-bugs stay active in all the seasons. But most of the insects have been seen more active indoors in a specific season. However, you can eliminate pests problem by planning ahead, all you have to is to take some actions before the season starts. Follow the tips mentioned below carefully, these tips are proven effective to eliminate pests.

Pests active in fall.

Rodents: such as mice and rats are more active in fall. They get their supper from remaining food which you’ve left and also drink water which can easily avail from sinks, bathroom or other places. The mice and rats are also the culprits for spreading Salmonella and Hantavirus. A type of protein which is present in a mice urine induces the asthma attack, which might be distressing for some people.

Stink Bugs: Stink bugs do not bite humans, but if you find them crawling on your skin, you should prepare for washing your hands thoroughly. There's a reason why stink bugs have been called with this name, the smell which they're covered with is described as rotten coriander. Besides the smell, stink bugs cause damage to crops, plants, fruits and ornamental trees. They also are capable of destroying citrus, nuts, berries, grains and soybean. agricultural crops. The saliva which secretes from them also destroys the plant tissues. So, if you have a backyard garden, you should consider taking some strong steps to get rid of the stink bugs infestation.

How to prevent these pests?

Make sure that the air conditioning units are cleaned and no pest can make their way into the unit. The unit remains unused, during the fall which makes the perfect environment for mice and rats. As no one will disturb them and they'll leave peacefully. The garage in your house should be cleaned properly and sealed off, rodents often make their way into the home through the garage. Thus, make sure the garage is properly sealed. For rodent control, you can always reach out to professionals as they stop the infestation from the root and make your house free from all kind of pests. Stink bugs, on the other hand, should be eliminated by professionals, as using normal chemical may damage your delicate plant's beauty. Professional uses the proper measure which is safe for plants and your garden and effectively eradicates the stink bugs.

Pests active in winters.

In winters the most common pests you’ll see are centipedes and silverfish. These pests resemble each other but have different characteristics. While silverfish don’t bite and hide from humans, centipedes also avoid humans but they bite if they harassed or trapped. While house centipedes prefer damp places like cellars, closets and bathroom, the silverfish prefer wood pile and debris piles. The centipedes can lay 35 eggs and infests rapidly, the silverfish lifespan is approximately three years.

How to prevent these pests?

Seal all the cracks and crevices in your home, these insects hide in the cracks and crevices. Also, if you have a basement, use a dehumidifier there, these insects like humid temperature. If they don’t find the premises humid, they’ll leave the place. If there is a cardboard or woodpile, remove it as the pest will target those areas to make it their place. If you do not keep those things around the house, the chances of pest infestation almost reduce to half.

Pests active in spring.

Carpenter ants and ticks are common pest intruders in the spring season. The carpenter ants are highly active in the summer months, these ants are very dangerous and are capable of causing serious structural damages by excavating the woods, these ants build their nests in the wood which is moist and or damaged. Ticks can be very problematic for humans, they can spread Lyme disease in humans, the ticks can be found in the grassy field and wooded areas. They can make their way into the home through cats and dogs.

How to prevent these pests?

You have to keep your yard clean, try spraying anti-tick repellant in your yard. Bath your pets with anti-tick shampoo. Keep the sugary food in an airtight container, so that ants won’t reach there. By following these simple measure, you can keep your house free from ticks and carpenter ants
Hire professionals for an effective pest control measure.

Professional pest controllers are very much capable of dealing with all type of pest infestations. If you want an effective solution for cockroach control, rodent control, tick control, centipede control, stink bug control and any other pest control, you should consider our pest control service. We have trained professionals, who have relevant experience in dealing with all types of pest infestation.


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