Common Oral Hygiene Problems in Today’s Society

  • Written by News Company

Dental problems, though common in today’s society, is never fun. Specific dental issues are associated with poor personal hygiene or low social status. The fact that most of these issues take away your ability to smile freely accentuates their negative impact. 

You can avoid most dental issues through basic hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth after meals. An occasional visit to professional dental clinics such as 
Pure Dentistry also helps in detecting and treating the issues before they develop into a bigger problem. Here are four common dental issues. 

Bad Breath

It is the simplest, yet the most embarrassing of all dental problems. You open your mouth to say a point in a boardroom meeting and all heads swing to the opposite directions. Temporary halitosis is the result of spices such as garlic or indigestion. Not brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth after a sugary meal may also lead to bad breath. 

Persistent foul breath is an indication of other dental issues such as cavities, bacterial infection on the tongue, dry mouth, gum disease, and oral cancer. Mouthwash cannot help with such. Visit a professional dentist close to you for professional help.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are common, and unless it lasts over two weeks, there is no cause of alarm. Blisters on the inside of the mouth or canker sores are the most frequent ones. They can be caused by several factors which are not contagious such as oral thrush and fever sores. All these should go away after some time. Seek medical attention if they persist.

Gum Disease

It is a common infection among adults older than 30 years, though it can affect even kids. The symptoms include tender, swollen, red, or bleeding gums, bad breath, painful chewing, and sensitive teeth. Prevention includes regular dental check-ups and brushing at least twice a day. Dry mouth, smoking, and diabetes are some of the main risk factors. 

Tooth Cavities

It is the most prevalent disease in developed countries, second only to a common cold. It is shared across all age groups. Sugary foods are the leading cause among children. It develops during old age because the enamel is easily eroded. Medications and dry mouth are other causes. Tooth sensitivity can be a sign of a developing cavity. 


Eating healthy foods, brushing after a meal and flossing are the best preventive measures for most dental hygiene problems. Regular dental checkups are necessary as they help early detection of issues that may lead to more significant problems such as oral cancer if not checked in time.


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