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You Must Be Familiar With Few Things About Invisalign Brisbane

  • Written by News Co Media

Gone are the days when you had to deal with misaligned teeth and a crooked smile. Also, modern cosmetic dentistry has come up with the best alternative to uncomfortable and visible braces.

All thanks to Invisalign technology that not only works effectively in straightening your misaligned teeth but also gives you a perfect smile without experiencing any kind of discomfort, like traditional braces.

Another name of Invisalign is ‘clear aligners’, orthodontic devices that are completely translucent and a plastic form of dental braces, extremely effective in adjusting and straightening your teeth. These are invisible braces that allow your teeth to move gradually without being noticed by others.

In addition to this, these clear aligners can easily be taken off when you eat and for cleaning.

If you are living in Brisbane and looking for this cosmetic treatment for your misaligned teeth, you must know a few things about Invisalign Brisbane to make the right decision.

Clear aligners are not for everyone

Not all people are the right candidates for Invisalign. If you have gappy teeth or severely crooked teeth, then traditional braces can be the best option for you. Invisalign is the best cosmetic treatment when you have tilted teeth backward or forward.

When it comes to the correction cases, these clear aligners do not give better results as compared to traditional braces. Also, they are more likely to be an expensive option as aligners take a longer time for correction than traditional braces.

Clear aligners are not completely invisible 

It is a myth that clear aligners are 100% invisible. But we can say that these aligners are close to invisible and can be noticed by a person when he/she is very close to you.

Invisalign Brisbane is more unnoticeable than traditional braces; therefore, it results in making you feel confident and happy when you smile. When you don’t have metal brackets and wires that can irritate you, you will definitely love to wear these clear aligners.

Treatment time

The resulting time of clear aligners treatment varies from one patient to another as it completely depends on the severity of your dental condition. On average, Invisalign treatment may take 3 to even 20 months. If the treatment goes longer, then no need to be stressed, the dentist will try hard to complete the treatment in the shortest time.

Quick result than traditional braces

The best thing about Invisalign Brisbane treatment is that you do not require waiting for too long to see the desired results. You can even get the outcome within a couple of months. The dentist will inform you everything from the number of trays you require to approximate months to see the results.

Don’t eat or drink when you wear aligners except for water

This is the most important thing that everyone must know about, especially if you are a foodie, you should be aware of this thing. When you wear aligners, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything except consuming water. You are required to remove your aligners when you want to eat or drink something.

Some foods and drinks can create stains on your aligners, so it is advised to say no to wear aligners when eating or drinking. These include juice, coffee, tea, and other beverages. Also, make sure to clean your aligners and rinse properly before wearing them back again.

Don’t forget to floss your teeth

Flossing is highly recommended as the main part of maintaining good oral hygiene. Some people floss their teeth daily, while some do not maintain this habit. If you have Invisalign Brisbane, it is very important to maintain this practice and floss your teeth daily with the aim of keeping your gums and teeth clean and healthy 

If you do not floss, it can lead to the buildup of food debris and plaque that can cause harm to your aligners.

Aligners can also whiten your teeth

We all know that Invisalign is a great treatment option to realign our teeth and get a beautiful smile. But, do you know that Invisalign treatment can also help in whitening your teeth?

As we have said earlier that when wearing aligners if you eat or drink anything, it can stick to your aligners. But, if you brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste, it will also stick to your teeth. It also works great in protecting your teeth from cavities.

Final Words

Invisalign Brisbane Treatment is the best and affordable way to own a beautiful and straight smile. If you have had traditional braces before, then going with clear aligners can be a cheaper option for you.


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