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How to make healthy breakfasts every morning

  • Written by News Company

To many of us, whipping up a healthy breakfast every morning sounds like an extremely tedious and time consuming task. Realistically, not every breakfast will be gourmet styled nor will it have the presentation of fine dining.

However, it is important to realise that making your breakfast healthy doesn’t have to be daunting. You should not give yourself an excuse to load your breakfasts with high sugar cereal or a whole load of chocolate spread.

Fact is, making your breakfast healthy is as simple as having the right meal preparation techniques and ideas followed by some discipline to make it happen.

Here are some sure fire ways to help make your breakfasts healthy every morning.

Throw in some quinoa and chia

If you are aware of recent health trends, it won’t come as a surprise to know that quinoa and chia seeds are superfoods that can easily be added to your breakfast.

Being almost completely tasteless, both make great additions to almost anything from cereals to smoothies to toasts and big brekkies.

Packed with a whole lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will ensure a healthy system, the trick behind absorbing the most out of both chia seeds and quinoa is to sprout them. To do so, simply soak them overnight or for at least a couple of hours before consumption.

Eggs every morning

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), eggs are good for daily consumption.

Eggs are renowned for nutrients such as Vitamin D, known for boosting bone and immune health, and choline, known for boosting liver function and metabolism.

Add veggies to your brekkie

For those who already enjoy the taste of vegetables, having a morning salad or toast with avocado and spinach can help boost the healthiness of your breakfast.

If you’re one who doesn’t fancy the flavour of vegetables, let alone have them for your first meal of the day, there are sneaky ways to enjoy your breakfast with some veggies inside.

Vegetables such as mushrooms, capsicums, and onions are great additions to an omelette. If you want to seal that savoury flavour, add in some cheese and sausages or bacon to your omelette.

For a quick veggie breakfast, you will need to prepare your veggies in advance. Cut them, dry them, and store them in fresh and crisp vegetable bags to help maintain their freshness in the crisper for longer.

Have a fruity breakfast

Fruits are known for their massive health benefits with nutrients and vitamins that will help boost your immune system and vitality.

With an approach that more is merrier, aim to create a good mix of fruit such as strawberries and bananas, grapes and blueberries, or go for a tropical blend of mangoes, pineapples, and oranges.

Whether you consume them in alone, cut up and added to salad bowls or cereal, or even blended into a smoothie with some Greek yoghurt and milk, fruits are a great, healthy addition to your breakfast.

To help them keep fresher for longer, clean your fruit and dry them before storing in fresh and crisp fruit bags in the fridge. These bags are great for storing fruit and vegetables as they are designed to keep the moisture and air away.

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