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Wonders of Nature That Will Take Your Breath Away

  • Written by News Company

There have been so many awe-inspiring artists that have left their everlasting mark throughout the ages. Their sculptures, paintings, music, architecture and stories have made them truly immortal. Yet, no matter how talented, no one ever came close to the one creator of unrivaled masterpieces – Mother Nature. It has been carefully sculpting magnificent wonders worldwide for centuries, leaving all spectators breathless, to say the least. The magnitude and overall beauty of these places make them an absolute must on every traveler’s bucket list.

  1. Aurora Borealis

The one most recently added to the list of natural wonders is the majestic Aurora Borealis, or – the Northern lights. Found in the northern hemisphere, in Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway to be more precise, it’s a phenomenon that can be witnessed almost everywhere in these parts during the wintertime. The mesmerizing dances of color across the sky will definitely make you gaze for hours at the beautiful and almost unearthly glow you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world.

  1. The Niagara Falls

At the border between Canada and the US, there is a natural wonder that is famous the world over – the Niagara Falls. Witnessing the deafening strength of water crashing down into the misty abyss will definitely leave you humbled before such a powerful force of nature. Don’t miss a chance to join thousands of travelers who have made this destination a priority, with good reason. Nowadays, packages and tours offered allow visitors the chance to experience the falls from a variety of vantage points. You can observe them from one of the famous “Maid of the Mist” boats or from a cave, observation tower or even a helicopter! Whatever you choose, the experience is bound to be unforgettable.

  1. The Grand Canyon

No matter how many times you visit the Grand Canyon, you’ll always have something new to see and learn about it. The earth and rocks sprawl across the landscape in astounding shapes as far as the eye can see. Being a national park as well, there are a great number of educational opportunities concerning wildlife, culture and history. Besides sight-seeing, you can have fun hiking, biking and whitewater rafting and have an eventful vacation packed with action.

  1. Mount Everest

The world’s tallest peak never ceases to attract adventurers. Its height is officially 8,848m and the summit is maybe just a couple of hundred meters lower than the cruising height of a jet airliner – and it’s still growing, by approximately half a centimeter every year. More than 600 climbers manage to get to the top every single year and the mountain is still growing in popularity, especially now when the safety record has dramatically improved. It can be a bit pricey to be part of an organized group trip to the summit, but the sense of accomplishment at the top is invaluable.

  1. The Amazon

Saving the biggest for last, we come to what is quite possibly the greenest place on the planet. Covering 2,400.000 square miles and stretching over 9 countries, the Amazon rainforest in nothing short of amazing. Not only is it the largest, but also the most biodiverse forest in the world. It provides the world with as much as 20% of its oxygen. The nature there is so dense that its intensely green hues truly have to be seen to be believed, as even photographs don’t do them justice. Besides the plants, you can easily run into various animals such as jaguars, boars, sloths, and monkeys, to name a few. The deeper you go, the better your chances of seeing truly remote jungle animals are. However, getting around will mostly involve taking boats along the river. You’ll have your choice of canoes, cargo ships, speed boats and even luxury ships. By boat or on foot, embarking on this adventure is definitely the trip of a lifetime.

So stop ignoring your wanderlust and head for the place your heart desires most. Whether it’s hot or cold, high or low, wet or dry, each and every trip will definitely leave an everlasting mark.

There’s no photograph that can replace the natural wonders you can see for yourself, and there’s no story you can read to substitute what you can experience first-hand. Prioritize – travel as much as you possibly can!

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