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5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Mattress in Sydney

You will likely need a new mattress once your mattress has passed its prime. Getting rid of unwanted mattresses can be challenging as they are large and bulky.

You may hoard your old mattresses in your home's attic or basement for some time because you don't have all the means to get rid of them.

Mattress removal requires much time and effort. If you want to remove old mattresses from your home to make room for a new one, you've got many options to do it effectively.

We have listed five ways to remove unwanted mattresses for you. Read on to learn more.

1. Give it Away

Donating your old mattress when it's no longer useful is one good way of removing it from your home. You can give them away to benefit someone you know or your local community.

You can put them into good use once you donate them. Several organisations in your neighbourhood, such as shelters and charities, accept old mattresses in proper condition.

Make sure you do this to help other people in your own little ways. Your rubbish can be of good use to someone in need.

2. Sell it

Don't just throw away your old mattresses. Try selling them in a local thrift store. You can also try selling them online.

It is one great way of earning cash while getting rid of your unwanted mattress. Such an item doesn't get worn out easily, even if used daily.

So, you can always sell them at a reasonable price so long as they are still in good condition, without significant damages. You can make good money out of your rubbish.

3. Recycling

It's not only plastics that you can recycle. You can also recycle old mattresses through your local recycling centre.

But make sure your unwanted mattress is still usable. The recycling centre in your area can help improve its condition and take it to another step.

Recycling your mattress means dismantling and sorting its materials while eliminating dangerous components. You can repurpose your unwanted mattress to create new products.

For instance, you can recycle your old mattress to make things such as belts, yoga mats and more.

4. Local Council Pickups

You can book a council pickup for bulky items like mattresses. It's another best way to remove them from your house.

Once you make a booking, you have to prepare your items for collection. Put your old mattresses out the night before your pickup schedule.

Your local council can take any size, type or condition of mattresses. Whether it's foam, latex, or futon, you can get rid of them through your council pickups.

5. Hire a Mattress Removal Company

If you're looking for a hassle-free and safe way of removing unwanted mattresses, hiring a Sydney junk removal company is your best option.

You never have to perform all the exhausting tasks of mattress removal once you partner with a professional rubbish removalist in Sydney.

Expect that the experts can efficiently and quickly eliminate the unwanted mattress from your home. You know your old mattresses are taken to the right facilities for proper recycling and disposal.

Hire the best mattress removal company and be free from all the worries.


After going through the five effective ways of removing unwanted mattresses, you now know where to take them and who to call for a hassle-free removal service.

But your best option for mattress removal in Sydney might be a professional rubbish collection and disposal company. They make sure the proper handling and recycling of your unwanted mattresses.

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