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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Shoes

  • Written by Sarah Williams

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most memorable and momentous event in your life. It is the day where you get to be with the most important people, and you envision this day to be just perfect. From the hair clip, the make-up, the dress, and down to the shoes that you are wearing, every nit-grit detail should be fantastic and flawless.

After talking to the organiser and a stylist, you would be wondering what is best to pair with that fairytale wedding gown of yours. Included in that long checklist is the pair of wedding shoes that are not only fitting for the occasion but also are stunning as your entire aura on that particular day.

Here are several factors to consider when picking the perfect pair of wedding shoes:

Wedding Gown Match

Before buying a great pair of shoes, you must purchase your wedding gown to make sure everything matches your entire look. The wedding gown that complements your personality and physical attributes would also define the design of the shoes that fit you. The wedding shoes must match in style, colour, and overall appearance to your wedding gown. Having a stylist to work with you throughout will make a big difference.

Budget and Style

Go for a pair that is not over-the-top expensive but is reasonable enough in price and style. The price is mostly parallel to the form, whether it is a timeless classic or a now-trendy fashion. Consider your overall wedding budget and buy the style that will complement the wedding gown. It is better to grab the latest wedding magazine for reference or browse a wedding specialty store online that offers different styles of wedding shoes.

Venue and Comfort

Since weddings are not only done in a church, consider the topography and the area where you are going to strut those stylish shoes. Some weddings are done in the garden, and the soil could be loose and uneven. The beach, for example, is another wedding venue that is not friendly to high stilettos, so you might want to wear flats or wedges that will ensure stability while walking on loose or sandy ground.

When your wedding venue is indoors and on concrete floors, then it wouldn't be a problem to wear any shoes that you like. But when your site is outdoors, you would need to consider the type of soil, and the weather can also become a significant factor in the conditions on the ground. So better be prepared when doing a garden or beach wedding.

Quality and Durability

Weddings are significant and a hallmark event. Many of the things used in marriages such as gowns, rings, jewellery, accessories, and outfits both of the bride and the groom are kept and passed on to their kids as an heirloom. Aside from the long-lasting characteristics of quality and durable wedding attributes, it also frees you up from worries on your wedding day. Cheap and low-quality stuff always breaks down and is cumbersome. You wouldn't want to have any wedding aisle malfunctions with your outfit. Style, comfort, and quality are the top priority when buying a pair of wedding shoes.

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