The Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations Arts Education Initiative

  • Written by Natasha Stipanov

The Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations announced that applications are now open for the third grant round of the $25 million Melbourne and Perth Arts Education Initiative.

The purpose of this funding is to provide support for Perth arts programs which are focussed on supporting education and promoting creativity, using art as the vehicle with which to engage participants with learning and their community.

Organisations based or delivering arts education programs in Perth schools and through local arts or community centres are invited to apply for funding. A broad spectrum of programs have previously been supported. For example, successful programs have included funding for music and dance programs in local primary schools; funding for Indigenous and cultural community programs; and funding for music programs delivered in juvenile detention centres.

Gretel Packer, Chair of the Packer Family Foundation and the Crown Resorts Foundation Advisory Board, said “We have been thrilled with the outcomes that our arts education program partners have achieved over the last few years. They have further demonstrated to us how arts programs can be wonderful, powerful tools to help all of us build self-esteem and confidence - two qualities that are integral to creating healthy, happy lives.”

Successful programs will be focussed on supporting education and fostering creativity, using art as the vehicle with which to engage participants with learning and their community.

For information on how to apply for funding from the Perth Arts Education Initiative visit www.crownresorts.com.au/foundation – all applications must be received by 5pm on 10 May, 2019.

Round Two Program Outcomes:

In the Foundations’ most recent Perth Arts Education Initiative grant round, three years of funding (financial year 2017 to financial year 2019) was provided. Over three years, these programs annually provided the opportunity for:

Over 9,000 students across Perth to participate in arts education programs,  with a total of 52,000 hours of creative learning programs being delivered

1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to participate in arts education programs, with 9,400 hours of creative learning opportunities

50 people with disability to participate, receiving almost 2,800 hours of creative learning opportunities

Over 130 teachers to receive teacher training to support creative learning opportunities in schools across Perth.

The Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations’ $200 million National Philanthropic Fund:

Launched in 2014, the National Philanthropic Fund is a joint commitment of the Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundations. Over 10 years, from financial year 2015 to financial year 2024, $200 million will be allocated to organisations which provide young Australians access to a better education, more opportunities to be creative and more opportunities to develop the self-esteem and confidence that will help them to build happy and fulfilled lives.

In financial year 2018, the National Philanthropic Fund provided significant support to over 120 programs across Australia. Utilising art, music and sport, many of these programs are aimed at keeping some of the community’s most marginalised youth engaged with their education and learning.

The National Philanthropic Fund is administered through two sub-funds - the $100 million Community Partnerships and Indigenous Education Fund and the $100 million National Arts Fund. Within the $100 million National Arts Fund sits the $30 million Western Sydney Arts Initiative and the $25 million Melbourne and Perth Arts Education Initiative.

As well as the arts education programs, the Foundations provide ongoing support to a number of flagship Australian arts organisations. The Foundations support engagement with the arts from first experience through to professional practice, recognising the power of the arts for education – nurturing creativity and development, improving school attendance, building confidence and learning skills that transfer into other disciplines.

The Crown Resorts Foundation Board is chaired by The Hon. Helen Coonan, and the Packer Family Foundation Board is chaired by Ms Gretel Packer. Both Boards offer extensive philanthropic experience with other members including Mrs Roslyn Packer AO, Mrs Rowena Danziger AM, Mr Harold Mitchell AC and Mrs Lucy Turnbull AO.

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