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Easy Extension: 4 Simple Steps to Register Your Domain Name

Web development is a difficult job, and for this reason most business owners leave it up to the pros. From keyword research to content creation, web design and publishing, there are so many elements that make it a wonderful idea to leave it up to the experts.

However, there are some web development elements that are on the easier side, namely domain name registration. It comprises a simple, five-step process that will have your chosen web address registered in absolutely no time!

So, let’s take a look into the four simple steps to registering your web address:

1. Choose your web address

Naturally, the first thing to do when it comes to domain name registration is to choose your web address! If you already have your business name then you must choose a web address that revolves around it or at least relates to it. But if you haven’t already chosen your business title you can work to create one that complements your web address, too.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing your web address is ensuring it is the following:

  • On topic: Because the last thing you want is to confuse potential customers with a web address that bears no relevance to your actual business offering. Therefore, you should always choose a web address that is on-brand and makes it easy for your customers to know what they will find on your site.

  • Easy to type: Because you, like other Internet users, don’t want to be sitting there for ages trying to type out a confusing web address. For example, you should always leave out hyphens, and only use letters if it is actually part of your business title i.e. “Flowers 4 You”.

  • Short: Whilst making it easy to type, you should also try to make a web address that is short and succinct. This is all part of making it easy to type and will help ensure that your website receives a high rate of traffic. People find difficult, long winded domain extensions frustrating and will likely bounce to a competitor’s website if they are having a hard time searching it.

2. Ensure your choice is available

This may come as a surprise, but many web addresses are already taken. This is partly because a business may already exist with a similar web address, but is also because many people make a business out of buying unused web addresses and then selling them for a premium.

So, the next thing you have to do is enter your desired option in the domain name registrar. Don’t let this news annoy you - if your desired option isn’t available the registrar will provide you with a range of awesome alternatives (you might even find one that you prefer to the original!).

3. Choose your registrar

Now that you have chosen your web address and found that, yes, it is available, it is now time to choose your registrar. This is an important step, as you want to choose a provider who has your company’s best interests at heart. They should provide awesome features like 24/7 support, simply domain name transfer, no hidden fees, free certificates and more.

4.Register & purchase your address

Now that you have chosen your registrar, all you have to do is get in contact with them and purchase your web address. They will then ensure that it is part of their system and connected to the global network, and a quality provider will even create a stunning website on your behalf!

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