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Chris Lilley's Lunatics has deadpan cringe, great dialogue but is more mawkish than outrageous

  • Written by Alex Cothren, PhD Candidate, Flinders University
Chris Lilley's Lunatics has deadpan cringe, great dialogue but is more mawkish than outrageousChris Lilley as Gavin: an Instagram lord.Princess Pictures

Chris Lilley was in strife almost from the moment he started filming his new mockumentary series Lunatics, which has begun streaming on Netflix. Last year, leaked photos of the comedic actor in African dress and an afro-wig set off a social media firestorm that could essentially be boiled...

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How the UK is leading the world on flu research, ready to kick in quickly when the next pandemic hits

  • Written by Colin Simpson, Professor of Population Health, Victoria University of Wellington
How the UK is leading the world on flu research, ready to kick in quickly when the next pandemic hitsThe new approach to keep research ready to go could be useful for other health emergencies, including other infectious diseases.from, CC BY-ND

The next influenza pandemic is a case of when, rather than if. In the last major influenza pandemic in 2009, 201,200 people worldwide died.

The UK is now leading the world in how it...

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The campaign with built-in R&R for voters

  • Written by Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra

Politically speaking, the Easter break is a blessing for a jaded electorate, at least a partial rest for voters’ eyes and ears in a campaign that’s started as an impossibly complex jumble of claims and numbers.

For Bill Shorten, Easter might also act as an eraser to rub out people’s memories of a scratchy couple of days in the...

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the 'ball-tampering' budget trick they don't want you to know about

  • Written by Richard Holden, Professor of Economics, UNSW
the 'ball-tampering' budget trick they don't want you to know aboutJust not cricket: Politicians make promises but obfuscate how those promises will be paid for.Shutterstock

The first week of the federal election campaign has been dominated by heated disputes about the numbers behind both government and opposition policies.

Both sides are under pressure. Notably, the cost of Labor’s 45% emissions-reduction...

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Tasmanian Defence Innovation and Design Precinct

MORRISON GOVERNMENT DELIVERS ON DEFENCE INNOVATION PRECINCT FOR LAUNCESTON The Morrison Government will invest $30 million in Phase 1 of the Tasmanian Defence Innovation and Design Precinct at th...

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Alan Jones interview with Scott Morrison

Bill Shorten’s big new taxes; our strong Budget for a strong economy; supporting essential services; Murray Darling Basin; ALAN JONES: Prime Minister, good morning. PRIME MINISTER: Good morning A...

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Sometimes it is obvious that you need to update your workplace furniture. It may be physically broken, like an office chair that has lost its ability to be adjusted up and down. Or perhaps the desks...

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MORTGAGE MARKETPLACE LAUNCHES CONVEYANCING SERVICES TO MAKE HOME LOAN PROCESS CHEAP AND FAST New legal partnership gives borrowers easy, online access to high quality solicitors at a fixed price  ...

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Moving abroad is often a big and an overwhelming decision that can hugely change your life and your future. Therefore, it is important to spend some time considering where you want to move to and rese...

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Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol and is the fifth largest city in Austria. It is located in western Austria between the high mountains of Karwendel Alps in the north and Patscherkofel in t...

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Bedsonline hosts Australian events to celebrate new brand launch

SYDNEY, April 15, 2019 Bedsonline(, the leading global provider of accommodation and complementary travel products exclusively for travel agents, has hosted a ser...

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