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Quantum physics experiment shows Heisenberg was right about uncertainty, in a certain sense

  • Written by Howard Wiseman, Director, Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University
Quantum physics experiment shows Heisenberg was right about uncertainty, in a certain senseQuantum particles are not really just particles... they are also waves.Shutterstock/agsandrew

The word uncertainty is used a lot in quantum mechanics. One school of thought is that this means there’s something out there in the world that we are uncertain about. But most physicists believe nature itself is uncertain.

Intrinsic uncertainty was...

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Setka furore opens division within the labour movement – and there is no easy solution

  • Written by Ray Markey, Emeritus Professor, Macquarie University
Setka furore opens division within the labour movement – and there is no easy solutionSetka has form in attracting negative media attention as Victorian state secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining, Maritime and Energy Union.AAP/Daniel Pockett

John Setka’s reported comments about Rosie Batty have the potential to seriously damage the Labor Party and unions generally in the public eye.

The Labor Party’s new...

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Michelle Grattan on John Setka, press freedom, Adani approval and tax

  • Written by Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra
Michelle Grattan on John Setka, press freedom, Adani approval and taxOpposition leader Anthony Albanese has called for John Setka to be expelled from the Labor Party.AAP/Bianca de Marchi

Michelle Grattan talks with University of Canberra Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Academic, Professor Geoff Crisp, about the week in politics.

The discussion includes Anthony Albanese’s call for John Setka, the...

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Built like buildings, boab trees are life-savers with a chequered past

  • Written by Gregory Moore, Doctor of Botany, University of Melbourne
Built like buildings, boab trees are life-savers with a chequered pastA boab tree in the Kimberley. Boab trees can live for thousands of years and their trunks hollow out as they get older. Shutterstock

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When you are in the northern part of Western Australia, one of nature’s joys is seeing a...

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