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Why the Hong Kong protesters feel they have nothing to lose

  • Written by Sunanda Creagh, Head of Digital Storytelling

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of people again took to the streets in Hong Kong to protest against the government – the 11th straight weekend of demonstrations that began in June over a proposed extradition bill.

But after more than two months of increasingly violent clashes between demonstrators and the police, this protest was...

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We need a national renewables approach, or some states – like NSW – will miss out

  • Written by Scott Hamilton, Strategic Advisory Panel Member, Australian-German Energy Transition Hub, University of Melbourne
We need a national renewables approach, or some states – like NSW – will miss outIn the absence of federal policy, states are pursing their own renewable targets.Karsten Würth/Unsplash

Australia’s primary federal renewable energy target – to have 33 terawatts of renewable energy by 2020 – has essentially been achieved. There is much uncertainty as to what is next.

In the absence of a new national target,...

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A Hippocratic Oath for data science? We’ll settle for a little more data literacy

  • Written by Lewis Mitchell, Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Adelaide
A Hippocratic Oath for data science? We’ll settle for a little more data literacyBias in, bias out: many algorithms have inherent design problems.Vintage Tone/Shutterstock

I swear by Hypatia, by Lovelace, by Turing, by Fisher (and/or Bayes), and by all the statisticians and data scientists, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgement, this oath and this indenture.

Could this be the...

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Australia's latest military commitment should spark assessment of how well we use our defence forces

  • Written by John Blaxland, Professor, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University

Just when we thought Australia was getting serious about shifting priorities away from the Middle East to its own neighbourhood, the prime minister has announced another Middle East step up. Australia has committed a warship, surveillance aircraft and defence personnel to help keep the Strait of Hormuz open for shipping.

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