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how to create a level playing field

  • Written by Brenda Midson, Editor, New Zealand Law Journal; Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Waikato
how to create a level playing fieldSouth Africa's runner Caster Semenya, the current 800-meter Olympic gold and world champion, arrives with her lawyer Gregory Nott (right) for hearings at the international Court of Arbitration for Sport. EPA/Laurent Gillieron, CC BY-NC-SA

The Court of Arbitration for Sport is due to rule on an application by the International Association of...

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Don't bank on Dollarmites to teach financial literacy: here are our alternatives

  • Written by Catherine Attard, Associate Professor, Mathematics Education, Western Sydney University
Don't bank on Dollarmites to teach financial literacy: here are our alternativesResearch shows combining maths education and financial literacy concepts is a better way to teach children good financial habits and boost numeracy.www.shutterstock.com

The recent royal commission into banking has revealed rampant wrongdoing by the big banks. As a result, there is renewed public interest in school banking schemes. The Commonwealth...

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the case of Brazil's John of God

  • Written by Cristina Rocha, Director of Religion and Society Research Cluster, Western Sydney University
the case of Brazil's John of GodHundreds of women have accused John of God of sexual assault.60 minutes screenshot

We’ve seen countless spiritual leaders and religious institutions embroiled in sexual abuse scandals around the globe. Most people are familiar with the scandals in the Catholic Church and other mainstream religious groups. But there have also been scandals in A...

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Barrie Kosky's The Magic Flute is a contemporary spectacle, despite the opera's outdated attitudes

  • Written by Vivienne Glance, Hon Research Fellow in Poetry and Theatre studies, University of Western Australia
Barrie Kosky's The Magic Flute is a contemporary spectacle, despite the opera's outdated attitudesA unique production of Mozart's The Magic Flute is playing at this year's Perth Festival.Toni Wilkinson

Review: The Magic Flute, Perth Festival 2019

As the overture ends, the red curtains at His Majesty’s Theatre rise to reveal a flat, white floor-to-ceiling wall. This suddenly transforms to show a young man being chased through a forest by a...

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Prime Minister interview with Alan Jones

Good morning Alan.   ALAN JONES: Thank you for your time. Could I just begin by saying that politicians rarely get praise. I have been speaking to farmers during the course of the weekend. You wen...

Alan Jones - avatar Alan Jones

Scott Morrison on Shorten's Border Protection backdown

Border Protection   PRIME MINISTER: Less than 24 hours ago, I warned Australia that Bill Shorten would make Australia weaker and the Labor Party would weaken our border protection. That they could...

Scott Morrison - avatar Scott Morrison

Funding to support women and children escaping domestic violence

Hundreds more women and children escaping domestic and family violence will have a safe place to sleep with a $78 million investment by the Morrison Government.   This investment includes a $60 mi...

Scott Morrison - avatar Scott Morrison

Business News

Sharing the Load - A Guide to Outsourcing as an SME

As a small and medium-size enterprize you need to be able to keep pace with changing technologies and stay ahead of the game. Generally, this means there is a definite need to outsource your SME’s I...

News Company - avatar News Company

Why Branding is vital to your family owned business

Once available only to large corporations, branding is now more accessible and vitally important to every size (and type) of family business, including yours. But what is branding and how does it ...

Stella Gianotto - avatar Stella Gianotto

Statewide Super announce Tony D’Alessandro as CEO

Tony D’Alessandro Tony D’Alessandro will be the new Chief Executive Officer of Statewide Super, effective 1 March 2019. Mr D’Alessandro will replace Richard Nunn, who in January announced his ...

Media Release Service - avatar Media Release Service


Older generation Australians are embracing solo travel

Allianz predicts a rise in solo travel in 2019, revealing those most likely to ‘go -it-alone’ among the 50+ age group   The popular ‘solo travel’ trend is predicted to continue in 2019 with mor...

Media Release - avatar Media Release

Fun Things You Must Do In Perth

Perth: Sun, sand and 19 beaches might seem to sum up the city, but not quite. The sunniest capital city in Australia offers so much more for you to do. Regardless of what your idea of fun is, you wi...

News Company - avatar News Company

ex-HMAS Tobruk dive site Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast Has a New Sunken Treasure for Divers to Explore A rush of scuba divers from around Australia is expected to begin exploring the underwater wonderland created by the ex-HMAS Tobruk after...

Tracey Joynson - avatar Tracey Joynson

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