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Donald Trump builds barriers to peace and prosperity

  • Written by John Hawkins, Assistant Professor, School of Politics, Economics and Society, University of Canberra

The US president “had no plan, no scheme, no constructive ideas whatever”, according to one of the world’s most influential economists.

He was “in many respects, perhaps inevitably, ill-informed”. He was “slow-minded and bewildered”, and failed to remedy these defects by seeking advice. He gathered around...

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What we learn from a fish that can change sex in just 10 days

  • Written by Jenny Graves, Distinguished Professor of Genetics, La Trobe University
What we learn from a fish that can change sex in just 10 daysThe male bluehead wrasse defends his group of yellow females, one of whom has to step-up and take charge if he leaves.Kevin Bryant, Author provided

The bluehead wrasse is a fish that lives in small social groups in coral reefs in the Caribbean. Only the male has a blue head – signalling his social dominance over a harem of yellow-striped...

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David Williamson's new uncomfortable, confronting play

  • Written by Ian Maxwell, Associate Professor in Performance Studies, University of Sydney
David Williamson's new uncomfortable, confronting playThe newest play from Australia's most prolific playwright sees David Williamson in vintage form.Brett Boardman/Griffin Theatre Company

Review: Family Values, directed by Lee Lewis, Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney

Sophie Fletcher’s set for David Williamson’s new state-of-the-nation play comprises two major elements shoehorned into the...

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White, male and straight – how 30 years of Australia Day speeches leave most Australians out

  • Written by Nicholas Bromfield, Lecturer, University of Sydney
White, male and straight – how 30 years of Australia Day speeches leave most Australians outScott Morrison emphasised national unity in his Australia Day address last year, but this is not the message that everyone wants to hear.Facebook

Last year on Australia Day, Prime Minister Scott Morrison used Facebook to describe Australia as a place “made up of so many peoples”. But he also stressed the importance of January 26 as the...

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Scott Morrison on Credlin

PETA CREDLIN: Thank you for your time tonight, PM I know you've got a lot on your plate. I'll get to the issue of bushfires in just a moment, but I can't let it go unremarked that with Australia Day...

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Scott Morrison interview with Ray Hadley

RAY HADLEY: Prime Minister, good morning.    PRIME MINISTER: G’day Ray.    HADLEY: Jeez you copped a hammering while I was away.   PRIME MINISTER: Goes with the job mate.    HADLEY: Well, yo...

Ray Hadley - avatar Ray Hadley

Immediate small business support for bushfire affected communities

In response to the devastating bushfires, the Morrison Government has today announced a comprehensive suite of measures to immediately support impacted small businesses.    This initial package ...

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Guide to Start E-Commerce Business

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A Travel Guide for Vacations Overseas

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The Family Travel Handbook from Lonely Planet

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