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How we solved the mystery of Libyan desert glass

  • Written by Aaron J. Cavosie, Senior research fellow, Curtin University
How we solved the mystery of Libyan desert glassShutterstock Linnas

In the remote desert of western Egypt, near the Libyan border, lie clues to an ancient cosmic cataclysm.

Libyan desert glass is the name given to fragments of canary-yellow glass found scattered over hundreds of kilometres, between giant shifting sand dunes.

Interest in Libyan desert glass goes back more than 3,000 years. Among...

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Where to now for unions and 'change the rules'?

  • Written by Anthony Forsyth, Professor of Workplace Law, RMIT University

Very few people saw the Coalition’s win coming. If it was, as opposition leader Bill Shorten contended, “a referendum on wages” then it follows that Australians were content with sluggish wage growth and didn’t want a more substantial pay rise.

But that would be a great oversimplification. Labor had a more ambitious program...

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Why the 2019 election was more like 2004 than 1993 – and Labor has some reason to hope

  • Written by Frank Bongiorno, Professor of History, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University

I recently had cause to look at a large file of material I collected about Mark Latham during 2004. It is full of many of the same columnists who have just campaigned successfully for the return of the Morrison government. They were buzzing with excitement and hubris. News Corps’s Miranda Devine saw an omen in the news that arrived from...

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