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Rebel teens can quickly make friends, but in the end, it's the nice ones who have the most

  • Written by Joseph Ciarrochi, Professor of Psychology, Australian Catholic University
Rebel teens can quickly make friends, but in the end, it's the nice ones who have the mostHigh school can be a hard place to make friends, but research shows being nice may be all it takes.Simon Maage/Unsplash

Simply being nice wins more friends in high school than being a rebel, our study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology has found.

We looked at what sorts of social strategies help teens win close friends of the same and...

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Antoinette de Saint-Étienne, the First Nations nun who sang for a queen

  • Written by Susan Broomhall, Professor of History, University of Western Australia
Antoinette de Saint-Étienne, the First Nations nun who sang for a queenMap of New France, by Samuel de Champlain (1612), including French depictions of First Nations peoples.Wikimedia Commons

In this series, we look at under-acknowledged women through the ages.

In an archive in regional France, the story of a Canadian First Nations woman emerges from an old manuscript written by nuns documenting the history of their...

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Australia’s performance on gender equality – are we fair dinkum?

  • Written by Fiona McGaughey, Lecturer, Law School, University of Western Australia

On International Women’s Day this year, Australia hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Not only did we fail to support a United Nations (UN) motion that called for greater accountability for human rights violations against women and girls, but comments made by our prime minister provoked international outrage.

The UN resolution...

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a fresh idea to escape the low wage trap

  • Written by Rosalind Dixon, Professor of Law, UNSW
a fresh idea to escape the low wage trapGetting shadow equity might get us better paid.Shutterstock

This is the second in a three-part mini-symposium on Wages, Unemployment and Underemployment presented by The Conversation and the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Read the other pieces in the series here.

For the past half-decade Australian wages have barely moved after...

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