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Australia Day

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Celebrating with Activities

Australia Day may not be coming until the next Australian summer but there’re ways to celebrate this country’s national spirit without any official holidays. If you ever come to this continent, you’ll see how welcoming and friendly are its people and how they’re always up for a party, no matter the cause. You can either have a casual meet up at Macca’s (that’s how they call McDonald’s down there) or have lunch at your friend’s house. A great option for a small gathering is shrimp fra diavolo. This spicy seafood sauce is amazing with any kind of pasta and a cold glass of wine at the end of the day. And the best part is that it can be made in one pot within half an hour!

Start with putting shrimp with spices in a small bowl, then sauté it for a few minutes and transfer to a plate. Make the sauce by cooking onions, wine and a can of tomatoes until it slightly thickens. Combine it with the cooked pasta and shrimp, serve with fresh basil and some grated cheese.
Another way to celebrate Australian spirit is to have a barbie and grill some steaks and sausages. BBQs have become an integral part of their identity so make sure to buy a variety of meats and don’t forget a “slab” of beer! Australians never miss an opportunity to have a cold one after a long day outside.

Side dishes are also a must at such events and there’s no better and easier way to make them more original than with a creamy Alfredo sauce. It’s most often used with pasta but can be served over various vegetables or even as a dip option. Put heavy cream and butter to a sauce pan. Bring them to a simmer and whisk in some minced garlic. Add Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper, then whisk until the sauce becomes completely smooth. Serve immediately while hot.

If you have a bigger circle of friends that also enjoy cooking and having fun with it, try organizing an Australian cook off. Either choose a few judges or make everyone participate and vote, clean up the kitchen area and have a blast! The winner can get a patriotic prize like an Australian flag apron to show off their work. You can even have a more specific contest and make everyone bake the best dessert. A yellow cake may seem too simple to be a good option for it but the freedom of decorating it however you like can be the key to winning!

This cake has pretty much the same ingredients as a white cake but is very much different both in flavor and texture. The cooking process involves a lot of mixing and beating but the final result is totally worth it. The fluffy egg whites will naturally lift the cake but the butter will leave it soft yet crumbly. Let your imagination run wild and decorate it with chocolate frosting, whipping cream, berry jams or fruit. Presentation is everything in a competition!

There’re many other activites you can try on Australia Day like playing cricket, making crafts, listening to Australian hits or watching fireworks at night. The most important part is obviously relaxing and celebrating the fantastic national spirit!

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