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What questions to ask when picking a removalist

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Things can go terribly wrong if you hire a bad furniture removalist.


The Internet has made it very easy for anyone to pretend to be a professional furniture removalist, especially with services such as Air Tasker, It is just a matter of paying for a smart web site and buying some Google Adword keywords to pay for leads. Some amateur furniture removalists do not even own a truck! They just hire a truck when needed and get a few mates to help on the day.


These people offer cheap prices but the cost of trusting them can be very expensive when a move goes badly.


"Fly by night" removalists often visit a potential customer in a smart car and pretend that they know what they are doing. Some people who do not ask the right questions, get caught and as a result of not being astute, have a very bad experience just because they did not ask enough questions or indeed the right questions, before accepting what appeared to be a hard to beat quote.


What to ask when you need a removalist.


The aim of a competitive request for quotes is to get the best value for the money that you have to spend on a removal but price is not the only consideration.


When was your business started?


What is your ABN?


Do you have your own storage facilities?


Do you employ permanent staff in an office to handle administration matters?


Does your business operate using its own sign written vehicles?


Do you have testimonials on your web site and is it possible to speak to the referees in person?


Does your business use sub contractors to carry out removals for your customers?


Has your business ever suffered theft or total loss from goods in transit?


Will the furniture and effects be carried directly to the destination?


Who will do the packing if you are engaged?


Do you supply boxes and protective wrapping?


Will the furniture and household items be insured for all eventualities to their full value?


Will your quotation include all of the costs that will be charged or are there extra charges?


By asking these direct questions, you will be able to evaluate the professionalism of the business that you are considering to trust with your possessions. If you detect any hesitation with provision of the answers, walk away and move on to the next candidate. Never take a risk because the effects of a mistake will lead to financial pain and the loss of some or all of your possessions.


It is never a good idea to engage an amateur or an under equipped or an under financed furniture removalist. Look for a fully insured, experienced and highly competent removalist because the chances of the move being stress free will be greatly enhanced.

We recommend Smoothmoves relocations a
Sydney based removalist service. Not only do they offer removals but they can also supply packing and unpacking services. If you are looking for the best removalist for home or office in Sydney and surrounding suburbs Smoothmoves is your best bet!


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