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Carpets are the most common things which you will find in anyone’s house. Not only for utility purpose they are also used as home décor stuff. Available in beautiful designs and various shapes and sizes they are one of the most important things in a house. But maintaining the carpets are not so easy. They need regular cleaning and dusting. It has a regular purpose so cleaning of the carpets also should be regular. The normal regular size carpets are easier to clean but what about the bigger and heavy ones. 

People think vacuuming is the best way to clean the carpets. But is it? This is a big question. Of course, vacuuming can help in removing the dust and dirt to some extent but not completely. If we look at the carpet cleaning techniques, then vacuuming does not hold any place. 

Here in these articles, we will see how vacuuming does not qualify as a carpet cleaning technique in any manner.

  • Stain removal: Doing vacuuming for carpet cleaning only helps in removing the dust and dirt from the upper surface. But there are many other things which your carpet faces apart from dust and dirt. These are the stains. Vacuuming does not help in removing stains in any way. Instead, it can create additional problems. So for removing stains vacuuming proves to be a poor choice. Upholstery cleaning Brisbane is one of the best places for carpet cleaning. 
  • Complete removal of dust is not possible: People may think vacuuming can take out all the dust from their carpet. But it’s not true. Getting rid of the dust cannot be accomplished by vacuuming. Dust and dirt can get settled very deep into the carpet. Taking it out by using vacuuming may not be successful, as vacuuming just removes the dirt from the surface area. For removing the dust particles completely from the carpet washing it is the only wise method. 
  • Untouched hidden areas: Vacuuming gives access to all the visible areas of the carpet. But what about the areas which are hidden. Often while vacuuming the hidden parts of the carpets remains uncleaned. In various carpet cleaning industries vacuuming is just as the initial stage of cleaning. But considering it as the final step can be a mistake. 
  • Cleaning using steam: shape and size of the carpet do not matter always. But if you use vacuuming as the method of cleaning all the time then there is a possibility that your carpet will never be clean completely. Experts recommend steam cleaning for better results. By steam cleaning, you can get rid of the dirt and dust particles very easily. This will make your carpet clean from inside to outside. Steam cleaning also helps in removing all sorts of germs and stains from the carpets. This is another reason why vacuuming is not preferred for carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning Brisbane is one of the best of carpet cleaning. 
  • Carpet beating method: one of the most effective methods of carpet cleaning is carpet beating. Vacuuming does not allow you to do that. Hence vacuuming restricts from a better cleaning. Carpet beating helps you get rid of all the loose dirt and dust on the carpet. This helps in cleaning the carpet in a better manner. Beating also helps in removing the dust and dirt which is deeply incorporated within the carpet.
  • Incompetent in removing dirt: Sometimes even if you perform vacuuming several times the dirt and dust will still be present inside the carpet. Multiple times vacuuming also fails to remove the dust. Hence the carpet will be still dirty and dull in look. This is another reason why experts never advice vacuuming for cleaning of the carpet. So vacuuming proves to be incompetent in removing dirt.
  • Not considered as professional cleaning: Professional carpet cleaning firms go for different types of methods for carpet cleaning. They initiate with vacuuming but the vacuum cleaners they use are high level. Hence they prove to be more effective than the normal ones which people use at home. So professional cleaning is advisable.
  • Smell removal: vacuuming does not help in getting rid of the smell. So for this professional cleaning of the carpet is a must. 

These are just a few points which explain why vacuuming does not qualify as a carpet cleaning method. There are many other reasons as well. So think well before you opt for cleaning your carpet. 

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