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The cryptocurrency has gone from peaceful lands to storms and back in seconds. Mostly because people cannot understand why are those useful.

But for those who want to give it a shot, the list below will clear any other thoughts. For Australian’s looking to exchange or buy cryptocurrency, we highly recommend Zipmex Australia as a trusted cryprocurrency exchange.

#1 - Bitcoin ( BTC )

This is probably the best known in the world of technology - probably because it was the first invented and improved by so many years.

Because of that, it is now considered as an international payment possibility. Even though there were many battles between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is still the best in 2019.

Bitcoin is worth $11,178, and this amount will be increased in future. That allows us to think that it will remain a good investment.

#2 - Ethereum

Was made by one of Bitcoin's designers, and so it has the same pattern. The difference is that Ethereum's platform is specially made for Smart Contracts - which are a big deal, in order to get rid of the paper work.

Ethereum is worth $1,035 and it's still developing - considering that it was created in 2017. The possibility to outdo the Bitcoin platform, at some point, is pretty high.

#3 - Dash

Even if Dash is the third on this list, it may be underrated from cryptocurrency's users. First of all, is not worth it that much ( $736.64 ); secondly, it's risky due to some administrative facts.

In other words, it's sure that Dash will make it through.

#4 - Zcash

Zcash has a different kind of pattern when it comes to talk about cryptocurrency. It's not made as a digital coin on its own, but as to be compared with other cryptocurrencies.

In 2019, Zcash is equal to $457.58.

#5 - Monero

Monero is not that opened as those mentioned before. It's a private cryptocurrency that was created in 2014 - pretty old and underrated, but it has its loyal users.

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