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Every falls brings with it a sense of calm. Just thinking about lying cozied up in bed with a hot cup of coffee while it snows is enough to make you comfortable. If you’re looking for ways to create cozier and warmer spaces throughout the house or even just in your room, you have come to the right place because we’ve rounded up some tips that will help transform your room into the cozy ball of comfort where you can relax in all winter.


Whether they’re giving off their light in tiny flickers or filling the room with a fresh, relaxing scent, scented candles are much more than just a way to light up the room. Many interior design professionals say that if you want to give your home a very inviting and cozy atmosphere, you should have at least a small collection of scented candles around, especially during Christmas time. Candles are now available in many different styles, scents and colors, and you can buy scented candles online with just a click of a button.


Any earthy tones in a room instantly bring warmth to a place and wood does that job easily. Wood, concerning its color and texture, is by far the most common and cosy-looking material. Depending on how dark the color is, wood can impart different moods in a room. Light wood makes a room feel very airy and open while dark ebony colored wood makes it cozy and comfortable where you can snuggle in a blanket all day or read a good book with a hot cup of cocoa.

Wood can be incorporated in different areas of a room like a paneled wall, wooden headboard, wooden design wallpaper, or lining the floor with panels of wood. If you don’t want the wooden element to overwhelm the sight, you can use wood in other elements like your bed, side table, a small wicker basket. With a combination of wood and some nice mellow lighting, your room will be as cozy as ever.

Indoor Plants

Keeping in touch with natural, earthy tones incorporated into your room, plants are a great way of bringing comfort and moody toes to your place while still being very chic and classy about it. Natural plants not only make your room look cozy but also possess properties that purify the air in your room while providing you with a good amount of oxygen. You can easily have a couple of succulents here and there. If you’re not great with plants and their upkeep you can keep fake ones that have excellent quality.

A LOT of Pillows!

Pillows exude comfort, especially the really big ones! They add some lively texture and warmth to your bedroom, not to mention how great they can be for your bedroom aesthetics. A bunch of pillows just tossed onto the bed with a nice contrasting blanket cover can instantly make the room look quite cozy and welcoming. You can use a bunch of pillows with different sizes and colors. If you add a few with a completely different material, they will look even better. It’s all about the right amount and the color you choose that also complements the theme of your room.


Adding art pieces to your room is a very unique, modern and chic way of making it look comfy. Try to warm up space by adding either one big piece or a set of smaller pieces in your room but be careful not to overdo them. Your room is a place where you spend most of your time, and it makes sense that you decorate it with the things you love. If you have a good hand and love to paint occasionally, you paint a painting specifically for your room, keeping in mind how the aesthetics and the color contrasts are going to work out. If you’d rather buy a piece, make sure you pick the right colors. A color wheel would help you decide if the colors in the painting you’ve picked would look good or not.

Add Furniture

Furniture helps bring the room together even if it is something small or something you won’t often use. It can either be a couch, a chair or even a wooden rocking chair if your room has earthy elements. You can also add minimalistic shelves or book racks; you can never go wrong with those. Be careful to not horde too much furniture in one room no matter how gorgeous the individual pieces are. It can make the room look cluttered very easily. If you love potted plants or succulents, you can add some rustic pieces and decorate them by putting potted succulents on top to give it the cozy feeling it needs.

Soft Lighting

You might have noticed how much people don’t like being in the office and how stressful it usually gets. Most offices use harsh fluorescent lights that in a way, make a room look unwelcoming. If you visit modern offices, you’ll notice that the environment there seems comfortable with no fluorescent light in sight. The same technique can also be applied to your room. Use soft lighting, bulbs with yellow hues or lamps because they not only make your room look good without compromising on the level of illumination, but they also help you conserve more energy.

You can also use candles for a more natural look and ambiance, but if you can afford it or have the option to, a fireplace is the definition of comfort.


If you want to add warmth to your room without spending a lot of money or adding more furniture in it, rugs are a perfect choice. They add depth and texture to the room and fill up any cold space. It automatically makes the room seem much more welcoming and helps you add a little bit of contrasting color to complement the established theme of the room.


Experiment with colors and textures to see what works best for you. Add decadence and comfort with these helpful tips.

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