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Trampolining is one of the most exciting and fun gymnastics events. What’s more, it’s a great form of exercise that can help you work on your strength, balance, speed and agility.

You’ve got yourself the best mini trampoline in Australia, but you also have to ensure it’s safe to use so that no one gets injured when practising their new craft!

Here are six safety tips for installing your new mini trampoline at home…

  1. Be sure to install the trampoline in a safe spot

When installing your mini trampoline, be sure that it is at least eight feet or more from any fences, poles, trees or walls. If kids (or adults!) were to launch too far from the trampoline, they could risk flying into one of these objects. This can cause serious injury.

Furthermore, avoid setting up your trampoline near any electrical equipment, as the base of your trampoline will most likely be made from metal and can conduct electricity.

  1. Be sure that no one is around before your jump

This may sound like common sense, but with little kids and animals around it’s always a good idea to ensure that the run, and landing, is clear. Naturally, small children and animals don’t have the same awareness as adults, and they could easily run or jump in front of you or other kids when they are performing a jump! Ensure that there is no risk of this occurring before completing your jump or allowing another child to do one.

  1. Take off any jewellery or dangerous objects pre-jump

Jewellery like earrings, bracelets and rings can cause all kinds of havoc for a trampoliner. Be sure to take these potential health hazards off before you jump so that they don’t get caught anywhere that could cause an injury.

  1. Ensure the spring pad is in place

Spring pads are made to ensure that no one accidentally jumps onto the springs when performing an exercise. Springs, naturally, are made of steel, and can not only be incredibly painful to jump on but can also cause ongoing injuries. Check the spring pad is properly emplaced on the springs so that no one accidentally jumps on them.

  1. Check the structural integrity before use

You want to ensure the structural integrity of your trampoline is up to standard before each use. It’s important to check that all trampoline springs are in their proper position and that they are working in conjunction with the jump mat. Hanging springs can cause all kinds of nasty injuries, so be sure they are all in their position before you start jumping!

  1. Install the trampoline on a safe, level surface

Trampolines that have been installed on an uneven surface are a health hazard for jumpers. Not only can people land poorly (thus risking injury) with a trampoline installed on uneven ground, but there is also the increased risk of frames bending when you actually perform your jump.

A great method for installing a trampoline is to do it on soft ground that can actually absorb the trampoline’s frame. Something like sand or tan bark is great for absorbing the shock of someone jumping on the trampoline.

Most of all, have fun!

Trampolining really is a great gymnastic exercise and is a lot of fun to get into, so don’t let a few safety tips put you off some of the most fun, and best exercise, you can do in your own backyard. All you have to do is ensure the trampoline is installed properly, is structurally sound and that the run is clear and you have a great avenue for working on your gymnastic skills from home!

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