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There is a reason why 1/3 of our day is spent sleeping. During the night, the body takes time to repair itself from minor and major damages done to it throughout the day. While your mind is not operating, the body is busy at work to prepare you and collect energy for the next day. Just remember the way you feel in the morning after a refreshing sleep even if you were exceptionally tired during the night.

Signs of Poor Quality Sleep

The most obvious signs that you are not sleeping as deeply as you need to are yawning during the day, feeling irritated, sleepiness, and overall fatigue. While some people try to counter the effects of insomnia with caffeine and other stimulants, they only overstimulate the organism without providing it with the energy that a good night's sleep does.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

SLeep is the main way that the nervous system rewires and rewinds. The nervous system is the communication highway for the whole body. When it functions properly, the various organs in the body have good communication with one another and function harmoniously.

When you sleep, new pathways of nerves are created to reflect the income of new information. This is why it is vital to receive sufficient sleep in order to retain things learned throughout the day. Concentration levels are also significantly higher when the brain has been rested.

Because the nervous system is the link between the body and the psychological state, it is important for the nervous system to be well working. A tired and burned out nervous system can manifest itself as anxiety, bad mood, and impulsiveness.

Another system that is impacted by bad sleep is the immune system. During the night, the immune system produces most of its cytokinesis meant to fight off infections and foreign organisms like viruses and bacteria. When there is no sufficient sleep, the immune system is more or less compromised in fighting off foreign intruders.

The respiratory system and sleep are directly correlated between each other. Many people tend to suffer from poor sleep partially because of an obstruction of their breathing pathways. Because poor sleep weakens the immune system, the respiratory system becomes the main target for various bacteria and viruses.

Another important system that is affected by lack of sleep is the digestive system. Sleep affects the production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin which control the feelings of satiation and appetite. When the two hormones are out of balance, you might be prone to eat when you are not really hungry. That is why it is important to sleep well to keep these two hormones in check.

Fixing Poor Sleep

Enough with the problems. How do you fix your sleeping schedule for good? Here are some things you can try to take your sleep back in your own hands.

Eliminate Stimulants

Many people rely on stimulants like caffeine to get them through the day, but these substances have an adverse effect on your sleep at night. The effects of nicotine and caffeine can last for as long as 24 hours. That is why it is best to cut down on things like nicotine (tobacco), alcohol, and caffeine as much as possible -- at least for the latter part of the day.


Exercises help you get all the excess energy and stress out of your system to be more relaxed later. If you are picking up a dynamic exercise routine, it is best to perform the exercises three hours prior to bed. For an exercise before bed, choose something more passive like yoga or stretching.

Save Your Bed for Sleep

Many people tend to do just about everything in their bed including talking on the phone and eating. This subconsciously creates an association of the bed with different activities. That is why it is best to save your bed strictly for sleeping, so as soon as you lay on your comfortable mattress, the only thing you are going to be able to do is to drift off.


Don't brush off the fact that you are waking up numerous times during the night or just can't fall asleep for long periods of time. Sleep is important and is reflected in your overall quality of life. Make it matter, and make it work in whichever way possible.


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