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Beauty has been attributed to several facets, among them a smile. Therefore, it goes without saying that white and generally straight teeth will go a long way in promoting one's confidence. Yet, some people do not have naturally straight teeth which may make them consider braces as a form of medical correction. Though not largely popular, other people have considered braces purely for cosmetic reasons.

Even so, how do you tell it’s time to try braces? Let’s explore the benefits of teeth braces with the best braces colors and whether it’s a healthy time to try them.

Are you Willing To Live With Braces?

Braces can be worn by children and adults alike and the time frame can range between 12-20 months for adults and up to 2 years for children and adolescents. Willingness to wear the braces for the recommended time is always a first indicator of whether or not you are ready. Later on, you are likely to wear a retainer for several months after the braces are removed.

Therefore, if you are to try the braces, you have to be patient and determined enough for the long-term commitment so that you do not give up on the treatment.

Tell-tale Signs you Need Braces

If you’re not looking to explore braces for cosmetic reasons, then you are most likely trying them for medical reasons so as to straighten your teeth. If so, here is what to check to see if you need braces:

Examine Your Teeth: Check to see whether you have crowded teeth, also known as malocclusion. The obvious signs include teeth that sit sideways, overlap, or protrude notably farther away than the surrounding ones. If you happen to notice malocclusion, braces will be of significant help in correcting the issue.

Examine your Bite: When you bring your two jaws together, perfect teeth are supposed to fit together. However, if you notice there’s too much of a gap between the up and lower teeth -where one set protrudes significantly past the other, you possibly need braces.

Food Getting Stuck Between Teeth: Food routinely getting stuck between teeth is often as a result of gaps or pockets between teeth. If not corrected, it could lead to tooth decay and gum disease since stuck food creates a haven for bacteria.

How Do You Speak? If your speech is characterized by a lisp, which denotes a speech impairment in making letters such as S and Z, you possibly need braces. Because of the teeth misalignment, some people have been found with this problem.

Frequently Biting Yourself: Do you often bite or cut your tongue and can't explain why? This may be as a result of malocclusion and is easily corrected by wearing braces.

Talk To A Professional: The only way to be certain of whether or not you require braces is to visit a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist, most dentist offer many different treatments to suit your needs including, lingual braces, metal braces and invisible Invisalign braces.


Braces have for a long-time now been considered an effective medical way of fixing misaligned teeth. This has gone a long way in helping many people in reclaiming their beauty and smiling proudly again.

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