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It’s fantastic news that you’re going to become a new mother and it is a time of great happiness for everyone including your partner and all of your other family members. This beautiful time however can be marred by the downsides of being pregnant and so anything that can allow you to stay a little bit more comfortable during your nine months pregnancy is to be embraced with both hands. There is a lot that you need to know about because your body is going to change and sometimes not in ways that you will like. Some of the changes that you’re going to go through are not pleasant at all and while every pregnant mother has a different experience, the same things will pretty much occur.

The one thing that you will definitely experience is pregnancy pain in the first trimester and this is just your body changing and getting used to having a small person growing inside of you. Your hormones are going to be up and down over the course of your pregnancy and one moment you will be incredibly happy and the next, incredibly sad. These are things that you’re going to have to get used to, but there are some ways to help alleviate the many things that you are going to experience. The following are just some of those.

  • An upside-down tummy - This is commonly referred to as morning sickness, but the clue isn’t in the name because you will feel sick in the afternoon and in the evenings as well. It’s because your hormones are changing and so a good tip to keep your stomach in good shape is to try to eat some dry food to help alleviate the feelings that you’re going to throw up. Instead of your usual three meals a day, you should try to switch to eating more frequently but cut down on the amount of portions that you eat.

  • Keep yourself hydrated - This is incredibly important for both mother and baby because drinking lots of liquids help your body to stay hydrated and it helps your kidneys to function properly. If you want to have regular bowel movements and to avoid tiredness then you need to be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. The key as well is to drink between your meals and not at the same time.

  • Get lots of rest - You have a person growing inside of you and so this little guy girl is going to be using up an incredible amount of your energy and this means that you have to get sleep whenever you can. If you feel tired, take a moment to sit down and close your eyes for a moment and try to keep your feet up to stop the swelling. It’s always good to get yourself to bed early and don’t be doing any extra work.

The one thing that all expectant mothers suffer from is back pain and so in order to alleviate this try to practice good posture whenever you can. Try to keep your back straight although it is a little difficult with a large lump at the front of your body, but if you wear the right kind of clothes and you avoid any footwear with a high heel then you should be fine.

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