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There are various ways to choose the best company for equipment hire in Melbourne. Below, this article outlines some vital criteria to consider.


When you’re looking for a company for equipment hire in Melbourne, you want to find one that is well-established, preferably with 20 years or more in the business. Such a well-established business will certainly have had enough time to build its expertise and product knowledge. Choosing a well-established business also rules out any fly-by-night operations that are here today and gone tomorrow. You can be confident that acompany that’s been around for a while has had the time to test out different products and services and keep what works, meaning you can expect the best both in terms of products and services from them.

Consider Cost

When thinking about equipment hire in Melbourne, you’re going to need to consider cost. It’s best to call a few different places so you can get an idea of what is high cost and what is low cost. You should also make sure you ask about scope. When it comes to equipment hire, scope means all the added extras such as insurance, servicing and repairs. A higher cost could potentially include these useful extras, which would make it better value than a lower cost that doesn’t include them. So make sure you ask plenty of questions such as ‘what does that include?’ when enquiring about prices.

Ask Business Associates

It may very well be that you know someone within your network of business associates who already does business with an equipment hire company. If you can think of anyone like this, it’s worth asking them for a recommendation. Usually business associates are keen to keep the good karma flowing, so they’re likely to give you a helpful review of the company they use if they can. Just make sure youonly ask people that you know very well for a recommendation, or else there may not be the required level of trust established.

Search Online

If you’ve tried to find a company for equipment hire in Melbourne to no avail, then why not turn to the internet? Just type in your search query and a long list of companies will appear on your screen. You can get a feel for each by going to their website and seeing if they have any testimonials featured. Another way of getting an outside opinion is to go to third-party review websites to see what past clients have had to say about various companies. While it’s unusual for a company to get all completely perfect reviews, at least this way you can avoid the 1-star businesses.

Ongoing Support

One thing you shouldn’t forget about when it comes to equipment hire in Melbourne is the necessary ongoing support needed to get the best out of your rented equipment. You may need things such as insurance, repairs and servicing, and you shouldn’t be expected to provide these things yourself. Always ask equipment hire companiesif they offer these things as part of the rental agreement.

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