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  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

The University of New South Wales and E-LEAD have partnered to deliver a groundbreaking leadership forum for aspiring leaders which is being held at the university on the 24th of November.


The Leadership Summit is an intensive one-day event and will feature high profile speakers including Danny Celoni, CEO, Pepsi Co, Australia and New Zealand, Vivek Gupta, Vice President and Managing Director, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Australia and New Zealand, Major General, Fergus McLachlan AO, Commander, Australian Army, and Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice Chancellor, UNSW Sydney, among many others. 


The focus of the summit, which is now in its second year, is leadership in the 21st century and the key themes will include leadership, digital disruption, diversity and inclusion.  Apart from keynotes, three panel discussions will focus on these topics with relevant leaders, like Samantha Turner, Diversity and Inclusion Lead for the Westpac Group and Victoria Park, Diversity and inclusion Director at PwC.  Tickets are currently on sale and a large number of people are expected to attend ranging across the business, education, government and community sectors.


“I am extremely proud to be delivering such a significant leadership development event for aspiring young  leaders,” Shahid Majeed, founder and CEO of E-LEAD, said today.


“Top leaders across the world all agree that the only way to achieve business success in the 21st century is to harness the power and potential of diversity and inclusion. Organisations that truly represent the community through their workforce will flourish and be more successful than those that do not.


“By bringing together some of the most successful CEOs and leaders to share their views and thoughts on leadership, summit attendees will gain rare insight into how successful leaders think and behave and what kinds of characteristics ‘leaders of tomorrow’ will need to have in order to navigate leadership in the future.


“Our leaders of tomorrow will need to fully understand how to embrace diversity and achieve inclusion.   They will need to understand how innovation and digital disruption is going to affect our lives, our work places and our behaviours.


“These things are essential if our future leaders are going to lead our businesses, communities and economies in a truly meaningful, harmonious, respectful, and responsible way.


“Many of the speakers will provide valuable insight into leadership within their organisations and explain what type of diversity and inclusion strategies and programs they have implemented to grow the capacities of their people, systems, culture and offerings – in order to evolve, survive and prosper.


“Major General, Fergus McLachlan AO, Commander of the Australian Army will explore the challenges being faced by the Army.  


“He will speak about the fact that the Army is facing a dynamic and disruptive operating environment not vastly different to that faced by modern businesses. Their context is complex, cluttered and rapidly changing and the Army’s work force increasingly comprises a new generation of men and women who have different expectations of their leaders. The Army’s leadership approach and its organisational culture have had to evolve to remain relevant to their modern workforce.


“These are significant leadership challenges and all of this unique content will be shared at the forum which is open for all to attend – and I strongly encourage anyone with aspirations to lead to join us on the day.”


The leadership summit is the brainchild of Shahid Majeed, founder and CEO of E-LEAD. E-LEAD is a global centre of excellence for leadership, engagement and development – providing a broad range of leadership programs for high school and university students as well as young professionals. It is an Australian organisation devoted to enhancing the capabilities, aspirations and impact of future and emerging leaders, with a strong emphasis on ensuring access among participants from disadvantaged and minority group communities.


Shahid Majeed is a globally renowned leadership professional.  His resilience, resourcefulness and strong team have been paramount in the development and delivery of the summit.  It is one of the first of its kind to attract such a high level of support from across the corporate sector.


Further information about the event can be found at:



List of speakers


Danny Celoni, CEO, Pepsi Co, Australia and New Zealand

Vivek Gupta, Vice President and Managing Director, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Australia and New Zealand

Major General, Fergus McLachlan AO, Commander, Australian Army

Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice Chancellor, UNSW Sydney

Samantha Turner, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Westpac Group

Victoria Park, Diversity and inclusion Director, PwC

William Cox, Managing Director, Aurecon, Australia and New Zealand

Warren Bingham, Executive Chairman, Medtech International

Cheryl Stock Phd, Former Head of Cultural Leadership, NIDA

Phil Crenigan, Principal and Executive Coach, Executive Turning Point 

Alison Woolsey, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Clayton Utz

Daniel Biondi, Chief Technology Officer, DXC Technology

Kylie McLean, Chief Digital Officer, IBM, Australia and New Zealand

Ian Clarke, CEO, CSVentures

Ban Weston, CEO WM Consulting

Shaun Ruming, Chief Operations Officer, Guardian Early Learning Group

Jacqui McNamara, Chairwoman for Females in IT and Telecommunications

Chris Lamb, Head Organisational Development, Lendlease

Kerrie-Anne Turner, Head of Channels and General Business, VMware


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