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  • Written by Barney Whistance

Ever since the 19’s, the sunglasses were significantly praised as the masculinity property in fashion. However, with the world competition on the internet fashion trends, it has become even more complex to keep up with these trends. Sunglasses from the name are thought of as the shield to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. But in fact, the main concept of the sunglasses has completely shifted from the protection to solely the fashion accessory. Whether you are in a formal event, party or on the road trip, sunglasses always prove as an essential fashion accessory for you on the way.

Not just that, finding the perfect style of sunglasses for your face is also a crucial point to make the hard decision. At some point, it becomes obvious for you to choose a suit for any specific event. Although, in the case of sunglasses, it becomes extremely difficult to comprehend, what style suits best for respective occasions. Moreover, some sunglasses come in a variety of different styles which quickly adapts to any event. From the Ray-Ban sunnies to Tom Ford’s top-notch products, the sunglasses have always been an essential addition in fashion. But still, to put an ease on the choice dilemma, let’s discuss the popular type of sunglasses to make you look stylish.

  • Round Frame Sunglasses

The round frame sunglasses were the rising style in the 1930s. However, the fact that surprise the most is these glasses are still one of the most appealing wearables to date. The primary purpose of these sunglasses was the protection from the sun. Additionally, these round frame sunglasses ensures to provide a fashionable and stylish look, which becomes difficult most of the time.

The rounded cover of the glass doesn’t take over the whole face and increases the powerful and informal looks. The versatility of these sunglasses easily converts the look from informal to formal and adjusts with your suit.

  • Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are originally the design of Bausch & Lomb which was later supervised with the marketing of Ray-Ban aviators. The aviator’s sunglasses consist of a pair of dark reflective glasses that cover the eyeball with twice their size. The middle of the glasses is designed with a thin metal cage, which gives the look of a bridge between two glasses.

  • Clip-On Sunglasses

Apart from the latest fashion trends of aviators, the clip-on sunglasses are the fashion addition that you can never evade. The clip-on sunglasses have made a striking comeback recently and once again took the world by storm. These glasses have been updated with the latest shiny and light design. Not only that, the light metal frames make them very easier and comfortable for different occasions.

According to the fashion experts, the clip-on sunglasses not only encourage the future fashion industry but also gives the nostalgic and retro feeling. I am having a pair of clip-on sunglasses aids in gaining the attention and respect of your audience.

  • Mirrored Sunglasses

Some people may find it odd to think of the mirrored glass as the popular sunglasses because of their funky mirrored look. However, the mirrored sunglasses are the perfect choice for the extra benefits of fashion statements. Apart from their old golden age, these glasses gain remarkable attention from the people today.

Even though these sunglasses are pretty old, but still the fashion trends have assured to hold its mysterious persona of observation. Mirrored sunglasses shows importance and interest with the reflection, making you a moving mirror for others.

  • Heavy Browline Sunglasses

Heavy browline is another trendy fashion addition for stylish looking men. The main speciality of the browline sunglasses is their thickness and strongness of the frame. This thick and strong frame gives bold dimensions to your personality and creates appealing impressions. However, these sunglasses may look like a secondary version of Club master. But the thickness, browline, and retro resemblance make it totally unique in its own place.

The sunglasses place a great influential impression and hold their own attraction to the audience. If you are going on an outside lunch, wearing the heavy browline sunglasses is an easy trust gainer than anything else.

  • Square Wayfarer Sunglasses

The fashion ideas quickly come and go, while the square wayfarer sunglasses have proved to stay forever. If you are looking for the glasses that follow the fashion ideas and adapts to themselves very quickly, then you must choose the square wayfarer sunglasses. The classic design and rounded, squared glass make the sunglasses ready to wear as revolutionary fashion. Moreover, the square wayfarer sunglasses also gives the urban looks, but the elegant design explains their formality for a formal occasion.

  • Top Bar Sunglasses

Last but not least are the top bar sunglasses, which also have the top brow on them. The top bar sunglasses are an upgraded vogue looks of the aviator sunglasses and give the top-notch fashion substance. The thin metal brow attached to the acetate pair of glasses is considered as pretty professional designs and has been praised deliberately.

Final Words

In the end, keeping up with the fashion trends to look as much stylish as possible requires research of multiple elements. The world always expects you as the complete package, from strong communication to the wearables. For the moment, the thing that matters the most is to follow the latest fashion trends and to adapt as quickly as possible. There is always a top-gun in men culture, and sunglasses are one of them.

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