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  • Written by Wendy White

Australian natural skincare company MooGoo is doing its part to save the environment from pollution and thousands of bottles for Earth Day, which is TODAY, Thursday, 22 April.


It comes as more than 120 million units of packaging is produced each year by the global cosmetics industry. The cardboard that wraps perfumes, serums and moisturisers contribute to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year.


Market research group Euromonitor has found that eco-friendly packaging is more important to consumers than ever – those aged 25-34 in particular now check that packaging is environmentally-friendly before purchasing their beauty products. 


Queensland and Northern NSW customers can refill their bottles with products with a whopping 50% off usual prices from the Australian natural skincare brand at MooGoo HQ In Burleigh Heads this Thursday, 22 April, between 9am – 12noon.


As well as a 50% off ‘Refill’ offer for local customers for three hours on Thursday, the business is offering 25% off its cult 1kg Skim Milk Udder Cream too for online orders.


The business recently launched 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes to encourage its customers to buy in bulk and refill their own containers. Customers can also bring their own containers for refills, and MooGoo is donating 10% of website sales from the day from its Bulk Size products to 1% for the Planet.


To date, the company has saved more than 2935 plastic bottles – that’s over 147kg of plastic – from its refill events.


“We’re passionate about climate change and helping the environment as much as we can,” says MooGoo CEO Melody Livingstone.


“We only use ingredients that are healthy for us, the environment and break down easily into their natural components, and our Australian warehouse and head office building is completely solar-powered. 


“Our creams are made in Queensland’s first carbon-neutral facility that uses solar power and recycles its own water, and instead of bubble wrap or styrofoam balls, we reuse cardboard that we shred to pack our shop and customer orders.


“We also make our bottles with plastic that would have otherwise gone to landfill – so please recycle them again.”


Products available for refills include Milk Shampoo, Cream Conditioner, Milk Wash, 2-in1 Bubbly Wash, Skin Milk Udder Cream, Full Cream Moisturiser and pet shampoo and conditioner from the Dr Zoo pet range.


MooGoo head office is at 56 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads, and the refill offer is between the hours of 9am-12noon, this Thursday, 22 April.


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