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In this article, you will find several proven ways to keep cool even if the window is hot and the air conditioner is broken or missing.

Summer finally remembered its responsibilities and turned on the sun to the fullest. The streets are melting from the heat, and there is not the slightest breeze in the air that could at least somehow cool the hot streets of the city. It is especially hard for those who cannot afford to get out into the countryside, and are forced to spend the summer in our cramped and stuffy stone boxes. And if the room is also not equipped with air conditioning, then it’s a pipe.

However, there are several proven ways to keep cool even in this case. In this article, you will find instructions on how to survive in the city even in the cruelest hell;

Wear Compression Socks

Kite Rite Direct Adult Afo Socks are not just, great as therapeutic wear, it is also a great way to protect yourself from the cold during the winters. Men’s Compression Socks are in style these days, and you can find a variety to choose from in the market.

Switch your ceiling fan to summer mode

Whether you know it or not, ceiling fans usually have two modes of operation: clockwise and counterclockwise. When it works counterclockwise, the blades rotate faster and create a stronger airflow. The clockwise direction has a slightly lower speed and serves to ensure the circulation of warm air in winter.

Worry about cooling a person, not at home

Our ancestors lived for thousands of years without any air conditioning and worked out during this time many ways to survive in the hot weather. We just need to take advantage of this and begin to cool our body, and not the room around us. Cold drinks, special loose clothing, and bandages on the head and wrists moistened with water are used.

Turn on the hood in the kitchen and bathroom

If you take a hot bath or cook in the kitchen, then be sure to include hoods in these rooms. They will help you get rid of steam and hot air, and with it from additional degrees.

Open all the windows at night

In the evening, the temperature usually decreases slightly, and in some places, the difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures can reach a dozen degrees. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this and try to accumulate night coolness for the entire first half of the day. To do this, open all the windows in the house with the onset of the evening, you can even arrange a kind of wind tunnel with a draft. Just be sure to close everything until sunrise, until the temperature begins to rise.

Turn off unnecessary lamps

If you want to know how much heat one ordinary light bulb generates, then just try to take it in your hand. To get rid of these sources of heat in your apartment, turn off the light you don’t need, or rather switch to modern energy-saving light sources that radiate less heat.

Many people wonder how to keep cool in their homes, not including air conditioning. Maybe install fans on the windows? More often ventilate the home? Darken windows with curtains or blinds? Experts give some simple tips that are sure to help on hot summer days.

Equip windows with blackout curtains or wooden blinds

This is especially true for the western and southern parts of the apartment. In addition, the windows can be glued with high-quality reflective film. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms, protect wallpaper and furniture from burning out under aggressive sunlight.

Do not cook complex dishes on the stove or in the oven

Like incandescent lamps, stoves emit a lot of heat during cooking. On hot days, prefer a conventional oven, toaster or microwave, and better if possible, cook on the grill located in the garden. It is very healthy and does not harm the cool atmosphere in the house.

Set the ceiling fans

If there are ceiling fans, switch them to “summer” mode. The fact is that in winter, the ceiling fan must rotate clockwise. So warmer air from above will go down. And in summer, the fan blades should rotate counter-clockwise, drawing hot air into the ceiling. If you live in your own house and you have an attic, make high-quality thermal insulation in it. On hot days, the roof heats up particularly intensely, and hot air naturally enters the living rooms.

Make long-term investments

If the heat in your area is a common seasonal occurrence, but for some reason, you are an opponent of air conditioning, then you can take some measures in advance. For example, plant trees in your house that will give you a shadow, arrange special awnings above the windows, or at least splurge on modern heat-reflecting films, which serve to create an effective heat shield for your room.

By understanding the physical mechanisms, the body composition and the thermal system of the bodies, it is possible to keep the heat inside the body despite the cold of the environment.

To achieve this, we share the following tips to keep you warm according to science:

  • Put many layers of clothes on. Heat is lost through conduction every time the body comes into direct contact with something cold, so to prevent wind or cold from stealing heat from the body through convection, try to keep the heat inside the body through some layers of clothing: the first, the thickest.
  • Avoid shivering. Shivering is an alarm sign to be placed in a hotter, faster place. When the skin temperature decreases, the tremors begin to increase. Sporadic contraction and muscle relaxation consume calories and generate heat. However, it is important to remember that the brain tells the body that it needs to be in a warm place.
  • Eat properly Being well-fed - eating the same calories you burn - will help you manage the cold in the most appropriate way. For this, it is important to keep the blood sugar in order to provide energy that allows the body to warm up in a cold situation. In other words, stay hydrated and well-fed.
  • Get used to the cold. People who spend a lot of time abroad, manage to regulate the way to respond to the cold. This type of mechanism mainly helps a type of body fat called “brown fat” that consumes many calories and releases energy as heat.
  • Prepare the best you can, all the time. Use all kinds of clothes that allow you to keep warm inside like winter clothes, thermal blankets, and so on; consume foods rich in calories and water, among others.
  • Know the physiological factors that can influence. Drugs that treat high blood pressure - such as alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, and direct vasodilators - can cause cold hypersensitivity.
  • Set aside alcohol. Instead, choose a hot drink that helps raise the temperature and regulate the cold in the body. Alcohol is not a viable solution. Here are some Toasty Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather.


These simple tips will help maintain a comfortable temperature in the house even on the hottest days. However, if the summer turned out to be especially sultry, and household methods of dealing with heat no longer work, install a high-quality and functional air conditioner that can easily cool a room, apartment or house. Staying warm during intense cold seasons can be achieved thanks to the principles of Physics. Mainly those of the conduction, the one that transfers the heat between two solid surfaces in direct contact, and the convection, which transfers the heat between two masses like the human body and a gas or fluid.




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