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NU Goth Fashion Style

NU Goth is influenced by Gothic music. It is a fashion brand that works in the clothing and cosmetic domain. It is a modern Goth subculture.

People who follow NU Goth are typically philosophical. These people show more interest in the study of psychology, philosophy and the occult. NU Goth uses symbols, sacred geometry and occult clothing.

NU Goth fashion's main characteristics are black and white outfits with occult prints, and the same goes with the accessories. This brand's style is ultra-modern. Here is the list of the items one can buy from NU Goth.

  • Crosses

  • Round sunglasses

  • Fashion harness

  • Crop tops

  • High waist shorts

  • Leggings

  • Doc martens

  • Black lipstick

NU Goth fashion is for everyone

Goth fashion is mostly for the Goth community. People who join the Goth community wears Gothic symbolized black and white clothes. In the Goth community, male and female both use dark color clothes. Furthermore, they color their hair black and wear nail polish and eyeliner. Gothic males also wear black eyeliner and black nail polish usually.

Young children who only use the gothic community for being the one out of the crowd. They wear black butterfly dresses which are purchased with the money of their parents.

Variety of Gothic Fashion style

Gothic fashion style uses silver metallic jewellery. This jewellery is used by the male and females too. In addition to this, gothic dresses are styled with the laces of the net. Sometimes these laces are made up of velvet.

Their pants are mostly printed or embroidered. Black and red color are the most used in Gothic fashion, which makes it mysterious and trendy. They use similar color nail polishes and lipsticks, dark and glamourous.

Sweatshirts and trousers

Gothic styling has a very trendy and advanced touch. Ninja Cosmico is one of the best store that offers NU Goth apparels. You can visit and buy your favorite ones.

Their pants have denim and some other fabric used. They print on the pants, sometimes on one side and occasionally only front or backside.

Furthermore, they provide you with cosmetics as well. Which is mostly in dark colours as dark color is the domain of Gothics.

How can one look more gothic?

To look more gothic, do follow these tips:

  • To look more gothic, wear the right clothes in dark colours.

  • Wear gothic jewellery. Use silver and metallic gothic jewellery to look more gothic.

  • Your make up should be dark. If you are a gothic girl, then your make up must say it out loud with its darkness.

  • Get gothic hair by dying your hair black, or you can wear a wig too.


Gothic fashion style is very trendy and classy yet mysterious and symbolized. It is an ultra-advanced fashion style, or we can say that it is very modern styling. You can use the gothic style by wearing dark colours and putting on black or maroon lipstick and eyeliner. Male and female both can wear eyeliner to look gothic.

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