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  • Written by Sarah Williams

Clean eating is a healthy way of life. It means you do not fill up your body with junk food. You prefer raw foods that have no additives, artificial colourants, preservatives, and the like. After all, there is truth to the saying “you are what you eat.” Thus, it is understandable why you are compelled to scrutinise everything that goes into your mouth.

If you happen to take supplements, there is now such a thing as clean protein powder for sale in the market. If you eat a clean diet, of course, you want your protein shake to be clean, too. But what makes this product clean? What sets it apart from its traditional protein powder counterparts. Does this make the others dirty? Read on below to unleash this squeaky clean, fresh, and pure protein powder’s secrets.

The Scoop on the Clean Tag

The most straightforward way for you to discover if your protein powder is clean is to read the label. Pay attention to the fine print and ready all those tiny details. If there are things that you cannot even spell and pronounce, there is a high chance this one on your hands ain’t clean. If you see the suffix “-ose”, step away from that packet of protein.

Avoid Cheap Additives Like the Plague

Most companies include cheap additives to extend the shelf life of protein powders. They add these nasty products like excessive sugars and other contaminants to reduce the price. You certainly don’t want those powders to fuel up your only body, and clean protein powder does not have these nasty add-ons as they only offer premium, quality ingredients.

Steer Clear of Heavy Metal (and not the band!) Overboard

Because unclean protein powder has a ton of additives, they are high in heavy metals that are bad for the body. It is very alarming because some traditional protein powders are concocted with more than the allowable daily limit of the compounds like cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury. Make sure to double-check those on your clean protein’s list of ingredients.

Say No to Huge Doses of Sugar

Should your protein drink taste like a milkshake, then close your mouth and read the label. Chances are, this is not a clean powder, and it has an overload of artificial sweeteners. Clean protein powders are not packed with things like corn syrup solids, acesulfame potassium or maltodextrin, and the popular sucralose and fructose. The ingredients mentioned above are the leading villains that make for an unhealthy protein powder.

Stay Away from Trans Fats

The reason you go to the gym is to make your fats cry to burn them away from your body. Exercise is vital for great cardiovascular function. Typically, you drink protein shakes to aid in your recovery phase after a hardcore workout. Ironically, most traditional protein powders are loaded with trans-fat, which makes it counterproductive. For best results, pick a clean, plant-based protein powder without added trans fat, so you don’t waste your efforts in the gym.

As a side note, you may be wondering why traditional companies load up on hydrogenated coco oil or whey protein if they are full of Trans fat. The answer is, the hydrogenation process ensures that this dirty protein shakes won’t expire fast. You pay a low price at the expense of your health. Just say no!

Cast Out Antibiotics, Pesticides, and GMO Hormones

It is typical for animal-derived protein to be full of antibiotics, pesticides, and growth hormones. All these unnatural chemicals are present in your traditional whey and casein proteins, which is the reason why most suffer tummy troubles, allergies, and sensitivities. For best results, choose a clean, organic, antibiotic-free, and non-GMO protein powder.

Final Word

It is okay to be critical and hyper-aware about the type of protein powder you buy. After all, you are concerned about your health and fitness, which is the reason you have included a protein shake in your lifestyle. If you want to optimize your workouts and diet, make sure that you touch nothing but a clean protein shake or you will undermine all your efforts and just waste your time.

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