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Food cravings are a result of the body telling you it needs something. Sometimes, we even crave foods that we don't even particularly like. This is because our bodies need certain nutrients and minerals to keep us healthy and running at optimal levels! 

The good news is that sudden food cravings aren’t much of a problem these days because there are delivery options. For example, there’s fresh oysters delivery Sydney residents can enjoy.

But what are the physical causes of our food cravings?


A common reason for food cravings is pregnancy. The female body needs certain nutrients at specific times in order to grow the baby and provide it with everything it needs. When you are pregnant, your body will crave foods high in calcium, iron, protein, potassium and vitamin C—all things that help keep mommy's health optimal and the baby healthy.

If you are pregnant, your body is telling you it needs certain foods to keep the pregnancy going smoothly.

Premenstrual Syndrome 

Many women crave certain foods in the days leading up to their periods. These are known as premenstrual cravings and they are caused by hormonal changes that occur in your body when you menstruate. This is more commonly seen with binge eating disorder, but it can be a normal part of life for some women who experience PMS.

Post-Menopausal Women

Many older women experience hot flashes and night sweats that are brought on by hormonal changes in their body. These can lead to food cravings as the body seeks out food high in sugar, fat or salt to help it cool down. This is especially common when you go through many hot flashes throughout a day or night.

Sleep Deprivation

It has been proven that lack of sleep can lead to food cravings. When you are tired, your body releases cortisol, which makes it difficult for your brain to make good decisions. This is why so many people crave junk food when they don't get enough sleep—because their brains aren't thinking properly. If you are sleep deprived, make sure to get enough rest and see if it helps with your cravings!

Increased Physical Activity

If you are working out more often, your body will crave certain food to help it recover and replenish its energy stores. When you work out hard or long enough that it becomes difficult for you to continue the activity without a rest, your body needs fuel fast. These high-intensity workouts can lead to sugar cravings because of how quickly your body needs energy. Make sure to eat a good meal before and after so your body can have what it is craving!

Poor Hydration

It is important to drink enough water for your body, especially when you are working out! If you don't stay hydrated, it will lead to headaches and sugar cravings because of how dehydrating it can be. When you are feeling hungry but aren't sure why, try grabbing a glass of water first. Sometimes that will be all you need!

Every human on the planet has experienced food cravings at one point or another. The reasons why we crave certain foods can be analysed by considering how our brains work to create feelings of reward, pleasure and need satisfaction that are associated with eating certain types of food. 

By understanding what contributes to your craving for a particular type of food, you may also learn more about yourself as an individual. This knowledge could lead to healthier choices in order to curb unwanted emotional responses caused by hunger cues from within our bodies.

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