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Decorating a home in an eye-catching way is an art. The home design portrays the story of hobbies, liking, and dislikings of people living inside it. A messy, dirty, and full of furniture home is an example of poor management. Organized and proper placement of furniture and other home appliances are the reflection of the sophisticated lifestyle of the family. Designing the interior of the home with DIY techniques or following the trendy and fashion looks on-trend. Experimenting with DIY techniques gives you the liberty of customization and personal touch in designing. This way, you choose sustainability over sensitivity and timeless looks over social media trends that evolve immediately.


One thing to keep in mind while decorating is that "simplicity is decency." The more the complications are, the more the mess is designed. Additionally, the decoration should be to add a signature look and not restrains and blockage of views. Following are the most chased trends of interior designing in 2020 defined below:


Painting walls for getting the refined look has never gone out of fashion. But adding a contrasting color with brighter shade is new and more captivating. It transforms the overall look of a room, and matching furniture looks ravishing. This way, the area appears more bright and full. Black and Blue colors are the signature choice of many people.


The trend of the painting wall is facing a downfall from the time wallpapers came into the forefront. Floral wallpapers are quite popular in the washrooms, kitchen, and the dining halls. Wallpapers can amuse a child with a customized picture of his favorite spider-man or Dora, etc. Depending on the quality of wallpapers, they are more reliable as well.

Wall art is one of the most important parts of landed house interior design. It can make the design of the house complete and emphasize your unique style and taste. Australian homeowners often prefer bright and colorful designs. The most popular style of wall art in Australia is natural-themed or pop art-styled art decorations. Meanwhile, Europeans mostly prefer pastel colors and calm designs like line art or black-and-white compositions.

Canopy beds

Liked by royals and shown in movies, canopy beds are in trend again. Canopy beds are quite suitable to prevent mosquito bites while adding elegance to your bed set. Moreover, canopy beds are no more heavy and chunky. Metal boards, light fabric, and sleek upholstery frames are the materials used nowadays.


Doors are the leading interior that highlights the decoration of the interior. Doors separate the walls of rooms and ensure privacy. They also add a unique touch to the furniture choice. Before recommending a suitable design for your home, door manufacturers always ask for the texture, frame, and color you may like.

Sofa set

The addition of a sofa set is the never-ignored luxury of the home. The trend of simple 3,2,1 sofa seating is now replacing with the curved or L-shape sofa set that completes the look of the living room. They cover less space and can adjust more people.

Antique art

The addition of antique pieces of art is more a fashion trend of 2020. placement of antiques highlights good house-keeping. Moreover, the impression of a perfect royal choice can be earned free. Any antique piece of art that may be hereditary or bought from the flea market can accomplish the goal. Buying Antiques Online is a great way to acquire major decorative items and collectables.

Cozy covers

Cozy covers for the bed and sofa are not just to be used in winters now. The comfortable texture is preferred in the variety of rugs and carpets as well. These cozy cover sets are comfier and release a considerable amount of tension as well.

Open floor Plan

Open floor plan by removing other walls in the home and more joined rooms is one of the trends of 2020. The idea is to join the living room and kitchen, dining room and kitchen or living, dining, and kitchen all. That is more of a family preferred design to keep an eye on everyone while working. The model, however, was first introduced in the post-war years.


Interior decoration, in an excellent way, brings endless admiration from the visitors. It is also the reason for the comfort and freshness of the people living in a home. People, while decorating, want to follow top-trends that are mentioned in the article.

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