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Surveys indicate that the average person spends around 90 per cent of their time indoors and most of this time is spent at home. Your home should be a soothing space that promotes good health and relaxation. Fortunately, there are dozens of easy ways to create a healthier and more positive living environment. Here are four tips to create a healthy home.

1. De-clutter your home

Mess and clutter are not just an eyesore. A cluttered living environment can harm your mental health and cause feelings of stress and anxiety. If you are trying to achieve a healthy home, then you should start by de-cluttering your living space. Go through your belongings and make a pile of items that you don’t need, use or want. You can donate unwanted items to a charity shop or sell them online to make some quick money. Take a look at this article for the best selling platforms from which to sell your unused belongings. De-cluttering your home will help you de-stress and create an organized and relaxed living environment.

2. Add some fresh greenery

Many studies have found that plants and flowers can improve mood and lower stress. Being surrounded by nature is a simple way to improve your health and enhance your sense of wellbeing. You can easily bring greenery into your home by adding some house plants and freshly cut flowers. Plants and flowers will add a beautiful natural touch to your home and help you create an inviting atmosphere. You can purchase fresh flowers from local florists, and there is a fantastic selection of low-maintenance house plants available in garden centres and online.

3. Let natural light in

Sunlight has also been linked to improved health and wellbeing. Natural light gives your body a boost of vitamin D. This is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining strong bones, muscles and overall health, according to the Better Health Channel. There are many ways to increase the amount of natural light in your home. You could install larger windows or skylights to help sunlight flood into your home. Well-positioned mirrors can also reflect natural light and make your home appear brighter. You should also make sure that you remove obstructions from windows and other openings.

4. Create a productive workspace

More and more people are working from home and you must have a productive and healthy workspace. Ideally, your office should be in a separate area of your home and free from noise and other distractions. Invest in quality office furniture and make sure that you create a healthy working environment by maintaining a comfortable temperature and lighting.


Your living space can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. You are likely to spend a lot of time at home, so you must create a healthy home. A positive living environment will boost your mood and promote good health and wellbeing. The above tips should help you create a calm and healthy home.

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