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Are you thinking about sprucing up your outdoor areas and creating somewhere nice to sit? A well-designed deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the view, but there are quite a few drawbacks to using traditional timber for the construction. Composite decking has been developed with these issues in mind and might just offer the solution you’re looking for. This article looks at some of the advantages it offers.

It’s low maintenance

Timber decking continually needs to be cleaned, sanded and treated, and every few years, you’ll find that parts of it need to be replaced. By contrast, composite decking requires very little work and stays in good shape for a lot longer. It won’t warp due to damp or the heat of the sun. It’s highly stain-resistant so all you’ll need to do when you spill food or drink is give it a quick mop. It doesn’t splinter, so you can safely walk around on it with bare feet even after it’s been in place for years. Although you may pay a little more upfront (depending on the type you want), you’ll save money over time because it’s so much less work and because once it’s in place, it stays that way. That makes it the ideal choice if you want to fix up your home for the long term or if you’re planning to sell in a few years and want your decking to be in good shape despite daily use.

It resists rot, mould and mildew

As any homeowner who has had to deal with rot knows, it can spread very fast and make structures like decking unsafe. Rot in your outdoor structures also increases the risk of it developing in floors and supporting timber indoors. Composite decking is naturally resistant to this. Although it can be affected by mould or mildew, especially if it’s located in a shady spot, there are specially treated forms available to prevent the problem. This makes for a far healthier environment, especially if you have children or pets that lie down or put their faces close to the boards. It helps to keep it looking good over time and reduces the effort you need to make with cleaning. Because it doesn’t expand and contract as the temperature changes over the course of the day, it also maintains an even surface without the little pits and splits that provide attractive hiding places for spiders. It even manages to be unappealing to hungry termites.

It’s environmentally friendly

Because composite decking can be made using wood from every part of a felled tree – not just the long, clean lengths – fewer trees need to be cut down to make it. It can be tracked just like timber so that you can make sure it comes from a sustainable source. Providers like Urbanline also ensure that it’s free of chemical toxins. Because it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often or as deeply, you’ll be introducing fewer harsh chemicals into the environment, and because it lasts for longer, you won’t need to make new purchases as often. It’s naturally weather-resistant so you won’t need to apply additional treatments even if you live in a place where it gets very hot and dry or where there are a lot of storms.

You can choose from more colours – and they’ll keep looking good

Composite decking can be purchased in the full range of colours you’d normally associate with wood, without you having to pay more for some than others, but it’s also available in shades like blue and green, so you can choose whatever looks best with your home. What’s more, those colours won’t wash out and won’t fade in the sun over time, so the colour you choose now will be a colour you will get to enjoy five or even ten years down the line. You can also choose from a range of different textures. Rougher textures provide a good grip for prams or wheelchairs, while softer ones feel wonderful on cool evenings when they’ve soaked up the heat of the day. Some textures look so natural that you’ll really struggle to believe it’s not regular wood.

With all these advantages, composite decking is the natural choice for anyone seriously interested in improving the outdoor appeal of their home. Attractive, reliable and easy to look after, it can help you to create a great outdoor space for all the family to enjoy, and a space where you’ll be proud to entertain guests.

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