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Here’s an interesting thought! In today’s financial markets there is still a lot of interest in cryptocurrency. Although they have been around for almost 15 years, there are still people who are not familiar with digital currencies. Wealth managers are constantly being asked to manage digital currency portfolios based on Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. Fortunately for them, there are many new ways to trade and manage cryptocurrencies. In this article, we talk about Immediate Edge and how this automated trading software works. We will also try to ascertain if this this a legitimate trading app, does it work, or is it a scam? Let's find out together.

What is Immediate Edge? In a world that seems to be overly saturated with cryptocurrency trading systems, there may not be a need for more. Well, here’s the thing. Every new software brings something new, a nuance that makes some features perform better, faster and so on. This is exactly the case directly with Immediate Edge.

What Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is an online platform that offers automated crypto trading. The app utilizes the constant change and evolution of cryptocurrencies in order to generate actionable pieces of intelligence. Since AI is finally getting the recognition it needs and deserves, it is being used in various industries and in many applications.

Digital currency trading is one of these new areas. This technology is fascinating and its possibilities are limitless. The AI ​​that Immediate Edge provides comes in the form of a back-end bot. It can analyze large databases and manage a lot of information to create accurate signals. All customers need to do is deposit their money into their existing trading account, check a few boxes and watch the magic happen. Some similar solutions exist, but they work in different ways and they don't work well. Terms and conditions apply, so it’s always a smart idea to read the fine print and conduct proper research before joining the official Immediate Edge website  for Australia.

 The conditions for starting to use this tool are very simple. All a customer needs to do is to register on the platform and make a deposit. Deposit must be at least €250. And that's all! Many readers are probably skeptical at this point. Well, that makes perfect sense since the online trading niche is notoriously known for scams.

That being said, the bot really does take over right away and does the work for you. The first deposit will start to accrue and reinvest the wins automatically. Eventually users will see all the benefits of this auto trading service almost immediately. When it comes to conflicting data and prospecting, there is an 88% chance of success in trading signals with Immediate Edge. This means that almost anyone who uses this plan can expect significant profits within a few days. You may end up a millionaire right away, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. This is what artificial intelligence can do for us today. Thanks to robots and automation, repetitive trade execution, those time-consuming tasks are done for you.

How does Immediate Edge Perform Compared To Other Apps?

To answer this very important question and understand how this app works, we need to compare the most important things with other automated trading solutions. Contributing factors include success rate, savings, and convenience. For starters, the success rate of almost 88% is higher than some other platforms. Certain competitors offer up to 80%. This number is seemingly high, but in digital currency trading, it is not high enough. Other options, boast a 90% success rate which is too good to be true.

When it comes to the minimum deposit requirement, Immediate Edge is either the same or lower than all competitors. This is very important because new members have to risk less and therefore have a higher chance generating more profits. The calculation is quite simple and the best choice is obvious. Finally, let’s examine aspects related to simplicity and ease-of-use. Other platforms or applications require a lot of information processing, while Immediate Edge directly offers a point and click strategy which is built in to the software.

Immediate Edge: Review Summary:

Now that you know everything, the only thing left is to decide is when to invest. After testing the software it’s quite easy to ascertain that this an automated, AI supported crypto trading solution is a legitimate investment platform which is scam-free.

Some say it is too good to be true and for that reason hard to believe all the perceived benefits. The findings are based on evidence and hard facts. Both show that the Immediate Edge software is a great option for traders who wish to take advantage of the various opportunities the crypto industry has to offer.

The group behind this project is unknown. The financial authorities in the UK and Belgium have banned the app claiming that the promise of such a high price does not seem to be possible. Since you can only determine this by experimenting, we'll leave it up to you. Cryptocurrency solutions always seem too good to be true, and while this is true in some cases in other it is not. The jury is still out on Immediate Edge Direct, as it is new, unsupported, and at face value seems to be anonymous. Now ask yourself this: Isn't that the same way to describe cryptocurrencies in general?

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