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  • Written by Pitch Engine
LOS ANGELES (December 21, 2015) – Australian actress WENDY WILKINS is shining bright in Hollywood both in front of the camera and now behind it.

Wilkins has been racking up accolades on the American film festival circuit for her leading role in director Errol Sack’s dramatic short, Bull Fighters. Wilkins stars as ‘Ona’, a religious woman desperate to get her husband back to the church and also trying to deal with a violent son returning home from prison. The role has earned her the ‘Lead Actress’ award at the Best L.A. Short festival and a nomination for ‘Best Actress’ at the 2015 Action on Film International Film Festival.

Coming in 2016, Wilkins teamed up again with director Errol Sack for the dramatic web series Rendezvous With Victory. Set in Afghanistan, Wilkins portrays ‘Major Ross’, a seasoned Army Major who gets deployed on several risky missions in the surrounding area. Also due out next year, Wilkins heads for laughs when she appears in the romantic comedy, You Have a Nice Flight. Based on the real-life diaries of Vietnamese twins, the film shares the story of an immigrant’s bumpy ride to the American dream. Wilkins steps into the chaos as Flight Attendant ‘Amy’, in this tale of an endangered airport and the unlikely hero who saves it.

Up next, this talented actress will be heading behind the camera making her directorial debut with the original short film, Cop Car on a Bridge. The dramatic tale deals with issues of sexuality and power, and marks the first in a series of films Wilkins plans to create based on her real-life experiences when she was a young cop in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Wilkins is excited by the opportunity to direct her first project, adding "It's important to me to direct this to ‘tell’ these stories from a woman's point of view" 

In addition, Wilkins is in early development on an animated family-comedy musical she wrote titled, The Magic of Music. The projects tells the story of a heartbroken, widowed Broadway singer and his children who discover happiness once again when the music comes to life.

Before landing in American, Wilkins caught the acting bug as a child in her hometown, Melbourne, Australia. Her creative talents would be put on hold when her career path led her to becoming a policewoman and then on to earn the number one Realtor ranking in Australia with sales totaling over a billion dollars. Next, her path led her to raising financing for several film projects, including Universal Pictures’ Mercury Rising starring Bruce Willis. This brought her back into the creative arts now armed with an understanding of the business side of entertainment. 

Wilkins has honed her acting chops training with The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London), Uta Hagen/Austin Pendleton (New York) and Ivana Chubbuck (Los Angeles). Her theatrical credits have landed her acting roles alongside Academy Award nominees Kristin Scott Thomas and Ralph Fiennes, and Academy Award winner Penelope Cruz. In addition, she has produced numerous theater productions with some of Broadway’s best, including director Stephan Wolfert. Wilkins is also a current member of the highly-acclaimed repertory theater company, Playhouse West, which also includes Jeff Goldblum and James Franco.


Authors: Pitch Engine

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