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The future and smooth running of an owners’ corporation is not an easy job. From keeping up with changes in legislation to managing unexpected and necessary repairs, a professional's help will undoubtedly come in handy.

Moreover, the needs of every property are different, and therefore, strata specialists are trained to offer personalised approaches and solutions. If you are undecided about strata management services, let's look into some of the things to expect:

Secretarial services

Making inquiries may not be met by timely answers. One of the responsibilities you can delegate to strata specialists is attending to owners' questions. Additionally, it incorporates preparing and distributing agendas and minutes to the owners and administering ballots, ensuring free and fair elections.

Financial management

Our finances can get out of hand. If you have a professional handling the finance then you will have less to worry about. These include issuing levy notices, collecting contributions, and recovering debt. Besides, strata specialists make detailed budgets to avoid unexpected costs while still ensuring the funds are spent appropriately. Linked here.

Administrative services

Apart from your busy schedule, do you have time to spare for an administrative role? There is a good reason most organisations have an administrative department different from the operations and financial divisions. Strata management services involve maintaining strata roll, records, by-laws, and relevant building compliances.

It extends to making arrangements for repairs, maintenance, and building insurances so that claims are likely to be compensated due to consistency in compliance.

When you have chosen your strata management services, you have several benefits to look forward to. Examples of these are:

Electricity and Gas services review

Teams can arrange for these reviews to cut down on the high energy bills spent by the Owners Corporation. Offerings may encompass:

  • * Advice regarding energy consumption and saving.

  • * Oversee the energy bills to ensure accuracy.

  • * Review and compare the options available.

  • * Proactive management monitors the expiration dates of contracts to avoid non-compliance.

Are you a landlord?

Whether you are a landlord of an apartment, villa, unit, or townhouse, some places offer discounts off landlord insurance. The tax-deductible insurance offers protection against any loss or damage to investment properties. Besides, if your tenant evacuates suddenly or damages your property making it unfit for occupation, you will still receive rent.

Cheaper contents insurance

Unknown to many, the building's strata insurance does not cover the personal contents of the owners. Every resident or owner has to arrange for an individual contents insurance policy where necessary. This way, personal possessions are covered by TV, jewellery, furniture, computers, clothing, blinds, or electrical appliances.

Money off on the Tax Depreciation Schedule

During tax periods, property depreciation may be unsettling to investors as it results in loss of taxation benefits.


When looking into Strata Management Services, make sure they are designed to ensure an exceptional living experience for the owners. From comprehending changing and complex legislation, managing the corporation's finances, resolving conflicts, to arranging for repairs and maintenances, investing in the services seems wise.

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