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Once a year we write to ask for your support. Please spare me a few minutes to explain why.

Our team works hard to provide you free year-round access to high quality, timely and independent information that we hope helps you make sense of the world. We bring facts, evidence and reason to counter the ideological and commercial messages that pollute the global information ecosystem.

As commercial media continue to cut staff, there are now more PRs than ever working to fill that information vacuum with guff. We stand against this tide of disinformation. We do this by working with 34,000 scientists, researchers and scholars from all parts of the world to bring you in-depth coverage of every possible subject. We want to call time on those who still believe it’s good enough to provide you with journalism written by people who have no clue what they are writing about. Or those who pass off journalism which in reality simply promotes their agendas, settling scores, spruiking their friends and undermining their enemies.

That’s not good enough. Especially in Australia where the problem has always been a lack of diversity. That’s why we have built a robust new service that brings to Australia thousands of new informed voices, spanning a variety of views and perspectives and all published without fear or favour.

During the current Election we bring you FactCheck and PolicyCheck, and a team of 65 specialists led by Michelle Grattan to analyse and make sense of the campaign, starting first with our Budget coverage and running through to polling day on July 2 and beyond.

And we make everything we publish free to read or republish. To date 22,000 sites globally have run our content. Why for free? Because we believe in the free flow of information, and we also believe everyone should have access to good, clean, information. We aim to replace the global overload of info-junk with good stuff.

But we’d like to do an even better job for you in the year ahead.

We’d like to:

  • Put editors into Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and if we can afford it, Hobart, to offer a better service
  • Hire researchers to work on bigger projects
  • Work with teachers and schools to be a classroom resource.

To do that requires your support. Many of you were very generous in your support last year, and it’s made a big difference. This year we ask you to consider giving either $30 a month, or $300 for the year. That’s just $1 a day for all-you-can-eat of The Conversation.

We are a charitable Trust and your donation is tax deductible. So please give whatever you can. Thank you!

Authors: The Conversation Contributor

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