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As Manchester United lose a captain, Everton welcomes back a son. Wayne Rooney left Everton FC in 2004 for Manchester United. Now his love for the club has brought him back to the club. It is reported to good authority that the Man United captain is on his way to Everton. The player has already been dropped by Red Devils from their squad that will be touring the United States of America.

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The Culmination of Hard Work

Wayne Rooney joined Manchester United as a teenager. He had been identified by the then manager, Sir Alex Fergusson, because of his talent and hard work. The star striker is renowned as one of the hardest working strikers in the game. Even on the training ground the 31-year-old player really pushes it.

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A Passionate 13 Years At United

At the end of his journey with Man United, Rooney had spent up to 13 years at Old Trafford. The years saw him help the club to win many Trophies and Titles. This same passion has taken him back to Everton where he will surely shine again.

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