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  • Written by Goran Kezić

England is a beautiful and rich country. It has a great history and one of the most important people of our time are from this majestic country. Breathtaking landscapes, magnificent architecture, and medieval places just to name a few things which grace this great land. London is probably by far the most visited city in England and that’s why it won’t be included in this list. Here are some of the most charming towns in the UK.


Leicester city located in the East Midlands region has something to offer for everyone. From thrilling Christmas office parties to numerous beautiful landscapes and historically significant places - like Leicester Cathedral. Which has been standing there for 900 years! Very impressive. Leicester is a very charming city graced with characteristic medieval English architecture mixed with modern tall and futuristic buildings.

One of the more prominent places here is the National Space Centre. This is a museum where you can learn all about the secrets of space science and astronomy. This is also the UK’s largest planetarium.

Leicester is also full of beautiful parks like the big and green Abbey Park and Victoria Park. And all of the bird lovers will be delighted to find that in the place called Tropical Birdland you can see numerous species of birds. It’s a very educational and delightful city to be in.


Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. So you can just imagine all of the possibilities a city this size can offer you. This is a very lively and vibrant city filled with beautiful canals which go through the whole city. Which can remind you a little bit of Venice, but Birmingham has more canals than them actually.

You can take a little boat and experience the city from water if you choose. Birmingham is big on football, so all the fans of the game will be very pleased by numerous football attractions this city has to offer.

As for the architecture, being this large, it has a mix of everything. From English medieval small houses and ancient brick buildings to futuristic skyscrapers. And with that in mind, no wonder this city was a big inspiration to the famous author of the LOTR series J.R.R Tolkien. You can even see some of the landmarks which inspired this great author by booking a special Tolkien trip.


Manchester is known for being the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the capital of football. But these are not the only things that make this city so fantastic. The feel of the city is really majestic which can be felt by seeing all of the beautiful architecture which is a mix of Gothic, Roman and Georgian styles.

As for the city center, it’s filled with fancy restaurants offering the famous English breakfast, bars and traditional pubs. As for the culture, there are a lot of museums and art galleries like the Museum of Science and Industry, National Football Museum, etc.

Every football fan shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience the magnificent Etihad Stadium. And don’t forget to take a picture of Manchester's most beautiful buildings The Town Hall and John Rylands Library.


Liverpool the birthplace of the most significant band of the 20th century The Beatles. So if you’re a big fan of the band there is no doubt you will visit this great city. It is located in the Northwest of England where river Mersey meets the Irish sea.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that this used to be a major port city in England. While we’re at it, here you can see old Victorian dock complex - The Royal Albert Dock which were warehouses and dock buildings made from cast iron and brick and stone.

Near the Albert dock, you can also visit the museum of the history of The Beatles which is called The Beatles Story. It was opened in 1990 and here you will find all about the secret lives of the band members and how they made their iconic music.

Liverpool’s city center is also filled with great cafes, traditional pubs, and trendy restaurants from which you can choose to your liking. But it would be a waste not to visit a traditional pub and order yourself a pint of beer.

There are also numerous museums, art galleries and magnificent buildings you can see. One of them is The Liver Building, World Museum Liverpool Cathedral, etc.


Brighton is a beautiful seaside city. It’s a little different from the rest of the UK by having one of the most beautiful beaches. Santa Monica beach is a pebble beach which can get a little inconvenient for your feet. But you will probably have your shoes on anyway because we are in the UK after all and the weather here isn’t exactly the warmest. But either way, this can be a really romantic spot.

Santa Monica also has a Ferris wheel and alongside the promenade, there are a lot of cozy coffee shops, small restaurants, cotton candy stands etc. And the iconic Brighton Palace Pier which is exactly on the dock by the sea. You will surely feel the innocence and serenity of this place. And when you decide to go back to the city visit the breathtaking Royal Pavilion which is characterized by a mix of Gothic, Chinese and Indo-Saracenic architecture.

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