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New Zealand is considered one of the most amazing corners of nature on the planet because the magnificent forests and ponds make this country the embodiment of a paradise garden on earth. You will not find a tourist who would not like to take a trip to this delightful country. We will tell you about the most unusual beauties of New Zealand.

  1. Hook Falls

The picturesque Waikato River (which flows into Lake Taupo) gave rise to the unique Hook Falls. Flows of the boiling elements carry 220,000 liters of water per second! Bordered with lush vegetation, the river boils and foams, raising a myriad of mist droplets into the air. The Huka Cascade is located on the Wairakei Tourist Park, where you can safely walk in silence while your friends are waddling in the Waikato rapids.

  1. The forest of redwoods in Rotorua

Zealand is famous for these old-timers – the majestic redwoods. Proud beauties rush into the sky, towering above other flora, but a walk through the forest will give even more unforgettable memories if you explore the terrain from suspension bridges. Tours through the thickets are also held at night, when lamps are lit in the trees of unusual shape, illuminating the darkness with multi-colored lights.

  1. Lady Knox Geyser

The amazing geyser is located in the Taupo volcanic zone, and it was discovered quite by accident. Once the prisoners of a nearby prison wanted to wash their dirty clothes here and (to their great surprise) the geyser suddenly woke up, raising a bubbling stream. Later it turned out that, inside, there are two chambers – with hot and cold water. Pour some soap solution into the mouth of a geyser, and a chemical reaction will occur, causing an eruption.

  1. Waitomo Firefly Caves

If you are lucky enough to visit New Zealand with your non-committal relationship partner, be sure to visit Te Quichi (on the North Island), as here you will find phenomenal Waitomo Caves. Of course, the photographs do not convey all the splendor of living lights, illuminating the dark arches with its mystical bluish light. In the cave of fireflies, you feel like a deity, walking among heavenly stars.

  1. Hobbiton

Who did not want to find himself in a fairy tale as a child? Well, in New Zealand, a dream can come true! There is nothing surprising in the fact that the film versions of Tolkien’s books were created in the open spaces of this country, where all of nature seemed to be the living embodiment of the illustrations of the elven forests. For the legendary “Lord of The Rings” saga, a pretty village of Hobbiton was built here. Every day, hundreds of tourists come here, eager to feel involved in the lives of funny hobbits.

  1. Kaikura and whales

The small town of Kaikoura gained its fame among those who like to watch the inhabitants of the sea. Here, you can admire lazily sleeping seals, and if you are lucky, even sperm whales. They say that luck will smile to the one who saw the giant whale coming up!

  1. Milford Sound - the edge of the fjords

Amazingly beautiful bays are surrounded by rocky shores, and waterfalls flow from three hundred meters rocks. This marvelous land formed as a result of melting of centuries-old glaciers. It is considered a real phenomenon, as the local water at different levels has different degrees of salinity. You can enjoy the surroundings of Milford Sound from cruise boats, from a bird's eye view (flying by plane) or by hiking trails along the tops of the cliffs.

  1. Fields of lupins in Tekapo

The town of Tekapo is nestled on the bank of the river of the same name, the slopes of which strike with the riot of flowering lupins. In the fall, the meadows near Tekapo turn into a palette of an extravagant artist, showing us all sorts of shades. Lupins come in a variety of colors, but on the local shores, they are usually blue and gentle purple.

  1. Canyons of the Shotover River

Shotover (in the vicinity of Queenstown) is famous for its rapid currents, which contributes to the development of tourist entertainment. Especially popular in these parts are motorboat rides. The view of the canyons charms: the waves wash the stony shores, covered with thick shoots, and behind the thicket, you can see the proud mountains.

  1. Thermal Land of Wai-O-Tapu

In the Maori language, Wai-O-Tapu means "sacred waters," and the park received such a name thanks to its unique reservoirs with interesting names: Artist's Palette, Champagne Pool, Devil's Bath. Here, the soul embraces reverent awe before the amazing creations of the majestic enchantress – Mother Nature. No matter how rapidly science develops, man will never become as skilled as an architect as our planet has become. Billions of years it honed its skill, bringing its creations to absolute perfection. It remains only to silently admire the fascinating wonders with bated breath.

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