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The discovery of Hanoi is a must for all travelers! Soak up its overflowing atmosphere, the bustle of its streets, its succulent cuisine and warm Vietnamese smiles. If you want to visit Hanoi in 3 days, here are all our tips and tricks if you want to know what to do and see in Hanoi, what to eat in Hanoi and when to go to Hanoi?

This article will give you good tourist inspirations and a wealth of practical information to fully enjoy the capital of Vietnam. And if you are in the mood to visit a new land, click here (https://indochinatrends.com/vietnam-tours/) to find the best deal to visit Hanoi (Vietnam). 

Hanoi Overview

Hanoi, "the city beyond the river" in Vietnamese, is the capital of Vietnam millennium, established in the year 1010. Major arrival point for international travelers, it is a true concentrate of authenticity. Visit Hanoi in 3 days will allow you a sensory immersion in this amazing metropolis.

3 days in Hanoi

Stroll through its busy streets, discover many curiosities in a narrow stall, be impressed by its waves of scooters, be carried away by intoxicating odors, negotiate fruit to smiling street vendors, this is the experience 100% Hanoi! The capital of Vietnam is the political and cultural center of Vietnam. It is endowed with a patrimony of a tiny wealth: many buildings and monuments dating from feudal and monarchical times, from French colonization and remnants of war.

Here is our suggested itinerary to visit Hanoi in 3 days and know when to go to Hanoi.

What to do and see in Hanoi


DAY 1: Discovery of the historic center of Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake, "Lake of the Restored Sword" in French, is, like the old quarter, the central attraction of Hanoi. The romantic shores of the lake with its weeping trees, its pretty flowers and the islet of Turtle in the middle of the lake are splendid.

Discover the temple of Mount Jade, crossing a charming red wooden bridge, is also a must to visit Hanoi in 3 days. Every weekend, the boulevards around Hoan Kiem are pedestrianized and transformed into a playground, parties and street performances. Do not miss it!

Admire the French heritage legacies

Hanoi has gone through many historical events. What to see in Hanoi if one wishes to trace colonial Indochina?

The list is: The Saint-Joseph Cathedral built in the late nineteenth century, the remarkable Hanoi Opera House built in the early twentieth, the Long Bien Bridge, built by the French company Daydé and Pillé. From the top of this "Eiffel bridge", you can admire the red river, banks filled with bananas and other crops and boats.

Explore the old quarter of Hanoi

This is the iconic historic district of Hanoi not to be missed! Wondering what to visit in the old neighborhood? Simply the animation that prevails with its scooters that cross cyclops, merchants and street vendors.

The old quarter has amazing architecture with its narrow historic houses and Buddhist temples. Its streets are called 36 streets or corporations. They each bear the name of a corporation, a product or a material for or on which craftsmen once worked. The iron and tin streets are still in use. It's up to you to discover them on foot or by bike!

Stroll through original markets

You want to soak up the city? Stroll through its authentic markets! Walk in the narrow street of Nguyen Thien Thuat located in the old district. Filled with fruits and vegetables, spices, condiments ... this market will amaze you! Nearby is the large covered market of Dong Xuan, ideal for getting good memories.

If you have time, move on to the vibrant Quang Ba Flower Market, located near the Great West Lake. It is interesting in the evening or in the early morning and can admire a wide choice of beautiful flowers: lotus, roses, orchids ... If you prefer to stay in the old quarter, walk to the night market in Hàng Dao street to soak up a friendly atmosphere.

Attend water puppet theater

Visiting Hanoi in 3 days can include a show at the water puppet theater, emblematic in Hanoi. It is a popular visual and musical art, born on the borders of the Red River Delta countryside during the Middle Ages. The artists gracefully handle several wooden characters on the water. This representation tells the adventures of the little Teu, the always optimistic central character. It is with humor and tenderness that he will tell you the bucolic and legendary stories of his country.

DAY 2: Hanoi Cultural Tour

Discover the most beautiful temples and pagoda

This Temple of Confucian Literature Hanoi, built in the eleventh century, is symbolic because it was the first university in Vietnam. Prestigious, only the children of aristocrats could study there and the practices of Confucianism were practiced there. We enjoy the temple by sinking into a series of courtyards and harmonious porticoes, while admiring its gardens, steles and engravings.

A walk to Tran Quoc Pagoda will enchant you. Built in the middle of the 6th century AD, its peculiarities are to be Hanoi's oldest pagoda, to possess several towers and Buddha statues pointing to the sky and to be one of the best panoramas on the huge lake from West.

Go to the places of power of Vietnam

What to see in Hanoi except its feudal wealth? The places of power of the city! Hanoi is indeed the political capital of the country and many buildings testify.

The Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh is a place of worship for all Vietnamese patriotic because Uncle Ho, the initiator and orchestrator of the independence of Vietnam, rests there. The colorful presidential palace where the governor of Indochina once sat draws the eye with its mustard yellow color! It is near Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Botanical Garden and Stilt House.

Visit one of the best museums in Hanoi

How to discover Vietnamese culture in depth? Here is our selection of the 3 best museums: The museum of ethnography allows to get acquainted with the 54 ethnic groups of northern Vietnam through a collection of everyday objects and an adjoining park where are reconstructed different ethnic houses life size. A sacred experience!

The museum of Vietnamese women is original. It highlights the important roles of Vietnamese within the family, fashion, ethnicities and even during the Vietnam War! The former prison of Hoa Lo reveals the conditions of imprisonment suffered by Vietnamese political resistance in the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century

DAY 3: Bucolic escapade near Hanoi

We recommend you spend a day outside the capital and we suggest you choose between 3 excursions.

Visit Hanoi in 3 days gives you time to enjoy its surroundings. This is a boon since the Vietnamese capital is surrounded by ancient craft villages still in operation. Bat Trang is famous for its beautiful ceramics, pottery and faience. It is even possible to create your own ceramic in one of the many workshops. We also recommend the village of Dong Ho, famous for its paintings and woodcuts. The same goes for Van Phuc, known for its silk fabric production workshops, craftsmen and looms.

Explore the perfume pagoda

Visiting Hanoi in 3 days makes it easy to combine a trip to the Perfume Pagoda. It is a huge religious complex, built in nature and a place of pilgrimage Buddhist unmissable where the faithful go massively in February-March. To discover this site, we first let ourselves be carried along the Yen river by boat, while observing beautiful karst peaks. Then we go on foot or in the cable car to climb the mountain of Perfumes to access the Thiên Trù pagoda and the huge Cave of Hương Tích.

Discover the ancestral face of Duong Lam

Here is another ideal getaway, the ancient village of Duong Lam. It is the only village in the Red River Delta region to have kept its buildings of yesteryear. There are 400 years of architectural treasures: the gateway, the communal house, religious sites ... This is the perfect opportunity to escape the turmoil of Hanoi and enjoy the peaceful countryside while strolling on foot or by bike along rice fields, manioc and maize fields.

What to eat in Hanoi

A discovery of the city can not be done without taste to the fine Vietnamese gastronomy!

Try the inevitable Bun Cha with slices, pork balls and vermicelli in sauce. The delicious Banh My is perfect for breaking the crust. Also taste at Bun Thang: rice noodles, chicken, omelet, shrimp and pork bones, a treat! As well as Cha Ca, a dish of fried or grilled fish, vermicelli and aromatic herbs. Finally, what would a trip to Vietnam be without eating a famous Vietnamese Pho? You can enjoy it with beef (Pho Bo) or chicken (Pho Ga).

When to go to Hanoi?

Wondering what to do in Hanoi? Do not worry, there are no recommended seasons to get there. However, it is more pleasant to visit the city in the spring, from late March to mid-May and in the fall, from October to November. Temperatures in Hanoi are mild and vary between 20 and 27 degrees in the day. And it is the very good weather condition for anyone to enjoy the beautiful Hanoi.

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